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Deep Cleaning Your Spa's Hot Tub: A Step-By-Step Guide

Two things are certain when running a spa. First, you need a plumber on speed dial. Either that or a comprehensive way to clean pretty much everything in your facility. The latter is more ideal. A rigorous cleaning process is better than fixing a (very) messy situation. Second, you need a reliable supply of clean linen

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Alcohol, Bleach, and Hydrogen Peroxide: Important Facts About These 3 Most Common Disinfectants

Best practice dictates that you disinfect these surfaces daily. But before you can disinfect a surface, you must first clean it. Cleaning removes dirt, germs, and other contaminants. Use soap and water to effectively clean all objects or surfaces.

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How to Pick the Best Toilet Paper Dispenser for Your Business

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words must have been referring to a toilet.

Washrooms are more than a legal obligation for a commercial premise. They create an impression of your business and imply you care about your guests and your employees.

This reputation speaks to existing and potential clients. It is a great thing when your business has a strong reputation. But when your reputation is less-than-stellar, then you have reason to worry.

It takes one washroom visit for a guest to write off your business and all its services.

Yes, you read that right.

A common complaint that such a guest would have about washrooms is the lack of toilet paper. Is there anything more annoying?

Worse, is that it might not stop there.

The aggrieved guest could take their complaint online. In a digital world where the internet never forgets, a negative review can be disastrous.

Studies show 88% of consumers change their minds about a business because of a bad review.

How often customer reviewsSource:

Remember, guests don’t buy just products or services. Their decisions revolve around buying into an idea and an experience.

You can prevent your guests from having a bad washroom experience in your business. But how?

By providing a toilet paper dispenser for your business washrooms. It ensures you never run out of toilet paper. This goes a long way in making a positive impression on your guests.

Dispensers come in many styles and you need to determine which one works best for your business.

How Do I Determine a Good Quality Dispenser?

Understanding a good quality toilet dispenser is important. It helps you know what to be on the lookout for when shopping.

A good quality dispenser for commercial use should meet all your guests’ needs.

Its material needs to be durable. Whether it is plastic or stainless steel, it should serve you for a long time.

Stainless steel is more durable than plastic especially in washrooms with more traffic.

A good dispenser is easy to mount using screws that don’t damage your washroom walls. Mounting it correctly is important to ensure toilet paper isn’t wasted.

When choosing a dispenser do not compromise on quality. This will override the cost. Although a good quality dispenser is not cheap, it is efficient and long-lasting.

But it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Buying from a credible supplier enables you to get one at an affordable cost.

Your supplier should help you determine:

  • How many dispensers you need for your washrooms. 
  • Whether to buy a single roll or multiple roll dispenser.
  • What features are worth considering.
  • How the dispenser will save wastage and labour costs for your business.

Let’s address these.

How Many Dispensers Does Your Business Need?

This depends on the size and number of washrooms at your workplace. The more the staff and guests you serve, the more washrooms and dispensers you need.

One dispenser can suffice a business that is small and has less foot traffic.

The Australian Code of Practice dictates you must have at least one toilet per 20 males and one per 15 females.

Provide a regular supply of toilet consumables. It enables your staff and guests to maintain hygiene.

Buying commercial tissue paper in bulk will ensure your toilets don’t run out of tissue paper. It will also save your business some money as you get to enjoy the economies of scale. 

Should I Go For a Single or Multi-roll Toilet Dispenser?

If your washrooms have these characteristics a single roll dispenser works best:

  • Low daily foot traffic.
  • Lack of adequate space.
  • Require little maintenance from your staff.

Multi-roll dispensers are ideal for businesses with more than one washroom. Also, they work well for washrooms with large daily traffic.

Small businesses with less foot traffic only need a single roll dispenser. It is cheaper to use the standard roll of toilet paper on it.

You can save on wastage by using the Georgia Pacific-Cormatic Paper Dispenser. It accommodates two rolls of toilet paper at once. You can get it in plastic or stainless steel from Australian Linen Supply.

It is also easy to install. Your supplier can also install it for you to avoid any risk of damage. Ensure you install it within reach to cater to children and guests with special needs.

Multi-roll dispensers reduce paper waste and the human labour needed to maintain them. But, they occupy more space compared to single rolls. Consider saving space by having a toilet dispenser mounted onto a wall.

Of equal importance is the need to provide paper towels for guests to dry their hands. Studies show that bacteria thrive on wet hands and these can spread easily to others.

Be eco-conscious with the toilet paper you use in your dispensers. Toilet paper made from recycled materials saves up to 1.8 million acres of forest every year.

Opt for recycled toilet paper that is chlorine-free. It should also have fewer layers of packaging as well. Georgia Pacific Cormatic Paper Hand Towels meet these criteria.

They are chlorine-free and made with 40% recycled materials. Buy in bulk to reduce the wrapping cover.

For a regular supply of paper towels use a Cormatic paper hand towel dispenser with a lock. It dispenses one sheet at a time, preventing wastage.

Get these toilet consumables from ALS. They are a reliable provider and take online orders.

What Features Should Your Dispenser Have?

a) Dispensers Made of Right Material

Consider the material of your toilet dispenser. Dispensers come in two main types of materials. These are

  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel

Let’s compare the two.

Plastic Dispensers
Stainless Steel Dispensers
  • Are affordable.
  • Are more expensive.
  • They can easily malfunction.
  • They’re more durable.
  • They are stylish and great for aesthetics.
  • Are resistant to vandalism.
  • Are ideal for small commercial settings.
  • They are ideal for large public premises.
  • Are often enclosed and offer more toilet paper protection.
  • Tends to be unenclosed with less toilet paper protection.

b) Dispensers With Protective Features

Washrooms with high traffic are more prone to toilet paper theft. To reduce this, get a dispenser with a locking system.

Consider an enclosed dispenser with a toilet paper protector. This encloses the toilet paper completely, preventing any risk of theft.

Get one that it is easy to tell the amount of tissues used. It can be transparent or have an invisible gauge. This will help your staff know when to refill them.

The last thing you need is a guest asking for someone to pass the toilet paper under a washroom stall.

Pick a toilet paper dispenser that helps your business save cost and is easy to maintain. It should make your work more efficient.

Ask your supplier if they offer maintenance services. This will ease your mind in case the dispenser malfunctions.

You don’t need a dispenser that wastes toilet paper. The stub roll feature curbs wastage. It ensures all the toilet paper is used before dispensing a new roll.

Choose ALS as Your Reliable Supply Partner

Small details like toilet dispensers show your guests and staff that you care. 

To keep your guests happy you need a reliable supplier. Australian Linen Supply is your go-to partner.

Working with ALS saves you time ordering toilet consumables. You can do it online. This frees you to focus on other aspects of your business.

You can also buy tissue paper in bulk and enjoy the economies of scale.

Enhance your business reputation.

Contact ALS today for all your toilet consumable needs.


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4 Types of Tablecloths Your Hotel Truly Needs

First impressions frame a guest’s outlook on your hotel. This can make or break your business.

From the moment your guests walk into a room, they are making judgements.

There are no second chances in making first impressions. You better get it right the first time.

A great impression attracts new guests and builds loyalty among existing ones. Every business owner desires that.

You can achieve it by setting the tone for the experience you would like your guests to have.

How? By using the right tablecloths for your setting.

But don’t take our word for it. 

We know thoughts of linen on tables unleash a torrent of nays and yeas from hotel owners. There are endless debates about whether tablecloths are necessary for a hotel. 

These sentiments can leave you confused. 

A study looked at how environmental variables impact restaurant diners. Different diners shared their experience.

Findings showed most diners perceived their food to taste better when seated at tables with tablecloths. 

Sounds unbelievable, right? Except facts don’t lie.

If you need more convincing, worry not. Here are more reasons tablecloths in hotels are indispensable:

  • Protection. Imagine the sight of a beautiful table covered with stains and scratches.

    Change this unappealing image using tablecloths. Say goodbye to scratches and nicks.

  • Ambience. Linen elevates the ambience of your hotel by bringing out an element of class. They make any diner feel special.
  • Noise reduction. Silverware and glassware often clash with the surface when dining. To minimise the noise, lay tablecloths on your dinner tables. They absorb the noise.
  • Aesthetics. Want to create a themed setting? Themed linens enhance the aesthetic value of the food and dining experience for your guests.
  • Versatile decor. There are other ways to decorate tables apart from a paint job or refurbishing. Tablecloths come in a variety of colours and patterns. This gives you versatile ways to decorate your dinner tables.

Your choice of tablecloths is a big deal to your business. If done right, you can transform your premise and make it stand out. This means more guests and, therefore, more money for you.

But if you ask any hotel owner, shopping for the right tablecloth is hard. The market has many options to choose from. 

We’ve got you covered with a criterion to help you make an informed choice. Consider the following:

  • Shape of your dinner tables 
  • Choice of fabric
  • Desired style
  • Required accessories

Let’s get started.

1. Shape of Your Dinner Tables

round table weddingImage courtesy

Dinner tables come in three shapes: round, square and rectangular. This informs the shape of tablecloths that are necessary.

Round Table: For this shape, round tablecloths work best. To get a one that fits, factor in the table's diameter.

When setting round tables for a cocktail party, adorn round tablecloths with a sash. Pick a size bigger than what you need. The sash will lift the bottom and exposes the legs of the table.

If you are setting up an elegant occasion, have both round and square tablecloths. The square ones act as overlays, as seen below.

Square Table. These are ideal for either a formal or informal dining. Square tablecloths or folded rectangular tablecloths will look good on square tables.

Rectangular Table: When you want to bring a sense of community to the dinner table, use rectangular tables. For decor, use a rectangular-shaped tablecloth or two square tablecloths. 

Australian Linen Supply stocks tablecloths in different shapes. Here are some samples.

Square tablecloth

Whtie Square Tablecloth

Round tablecloth

Black Round tablecloth

2. Choice of Fabric

colourful fabricsImage courtesy

Choose your tablecloth fabric according to the occasion.

Cotton is ideal for everyday dining. The fabric is strong enough to withstand several washings and everyday wear and tear.

Since cotton comes in a variety of colours, you can get creative. Its patterns range from small and subtle to large and loud prints. This gives you a versatile way to set tables.

For wedding and outdoor dining, go for polyester. Polyester and cotton are alike, but the former has more shine.

To achieve a luxurious look for a formal and elegant occasion, pick silk. The shiny texture of the fabric radiates and brings a touch of class to your dining.

3. Desired Style

Move away from the traditional single-coloured tablecloths. Wow your guests with different styles of tablecloths for each setting.

Incorporate colour. Studies have proven that colour has a psychological effect on customers. This has a ripple effect on sales. 

Warm colours stimulate an appetite. Your guests will eat more and thus spend money. If the colours of your decor are relaxing, customers will want to spend more time at the hotel.

Other styles you can consider include:

  • Rustic

    Rustic vintage barn table settingImage courtesy

    This style allows you to bring the outdoors inside. You can do this with vintage French bistro chairs in your set up. 

    Drape your tables with a burlap tablecloth.

    Your brand will ooze elegance yet remain authentic to that rustic look. 

    Your centrepieces need to make a statement.

    Place twigs in a vase, then scatter some red petals on the table. They add a sparkle to the setting.

    Complete the look using a tea towel as a rustic napkin.

  • Eclectic

    Eclectic tableclothsImage courtesy

    Go bold or go home!

    Choose an eclectic style of tablecloth when you need to grab attention.

    Your informal dining will never have a dull moment.

    With the graphics and large prints, inspire your guests to embrace their artistic side.

  • Seasonal

    clear long stem drinking glassImage courtesy

    Different seasons demand a new dining experience. The style of tablecloths you choose can help bring out the theme of the season.

    Bold colour combinations work well during holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. They brighten up the entire room.

4. Required Accessories

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Bring some interest to your decor using an accessory. A table runner is an easy choice.

Forget the same old way of laying table runners across a table. Have runners of different fabrics and colours.

Some dynamic ways to style using runners are:

  • Cross two table runners. Take two runners and let them run across each other to form the letter “X”.
  • Short table runners. Get a short runner and place it in the middle of a table. An eye-catching centrepiece on a runner is a must. It will turn heads and spur conversation among guests.
  • Widthwise table runners. Let your runners lay along the width to create rows on long tables. The runners serve as placemats for each place setting.
  • Using themed and seasonal runners. Bring a natural element of decor by placing succulents and green plants in line with the runner.

Overlays add a new dynamic to your decor. You can use them on tables of all shapes.

Make your setting stand out by picking coloured overlays. Contrast overlays with these white and black bistro table napkins. They create a stunning effect without being overpowering.

White with Black side stripes

White with Black side stripes

White with Royal Blue side stripes

White with Royal Blue side stripes

Time to Invest in Superior Tablecloths

Now you have some good knowledge about how you can transform your hotel with decor. To boost the appearance of your setting, always go for high-quality tablecloths.

Remember, image is key!

The initial cost of buying good quality cloth may seem high, but it pays off in the long-run because it serves you longer.

If you settle for cheap ones with low-quality materials, they won’t stand the wear and tear. You will end up paying more by replacing them all the time.

Australian Linen Supply has an extensive product collection of premium-quality linen. Guests will keep coming back for that five-star dining experience.

Make ALS is your go-to supplier.

Get our full range of durable table linen at an affordable price today.


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5 Simple Steps to an Impeccable Office Bathroom

Office bathrooms, compared to home bathrooms, experience high traffic. It’s for this reason that they need to be in tiptop shape at all times. This is because not only staff but guests use them. So what can you do to achieve impeccable office bathrooms?

Let us look at some of the tried and tested steps you need to follow to ensure hygienic bathrooms for your workplace.

1. Provide Quality Antibacterial Soap

The Code of Practice has provisions for providing handwashing facilities in the workplace. You not only have to provide handwashing basins, but also soap. The code requires you to provide non-irritable soap, preferably from a soap dispenser.

When choosing hand soap for your bathrooms, think of options that are neutral and safe for use. The World Health Organisation recommends that you wash your hands with any soap and water. This kills any germs and prevents viruses from spreading.

The soap you choose for your workplace toilets doesn’t need to be expensive. Your budget and staff preference will determine your choice. What’s important to remember is that you wash hands for a minimum of 30 seconds.

2. Make Paper Consumables Available

The workplace bathroom must have paper consumables available.

To begin with, you must have commercial toilet paper. You can opt for coreless toilet paper which you can purchase in bulk. The beauty of bulk toilet paper is that you save money while ensuring you never run out of product.

Aside from toilet paper, you can purchase disposable toilet seat covers. These are placed in a dispenser in the toilet stall and used to line the toilet seat before use. They are disposable and encourage users to keep the toilet seats clean.

With all the reminders around us to wash our hands, you should also make paper towels available. Georgia Pacific Cormatic Paper hand towels are perfect for workplace bathrooms, health facilities and restaurants. They are also absorbent and durable.

Provide quality hand towel dispensers and commercial toilet paper dispensers. Dispensers are important because they keep the towels and toilet paper safe for use. They also help minimise waste and keep the bathroom looking neat.

3. Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule for the Washrooms

The Code of Practice recommends that you have toilets based on the number of staff on board. One toilet can cater to 25 males or 15 females. The toilets should ideally be separated by gender and have running water, handwash items and paper consumables.

To ensure impeccable office bathrooms, cleanliness is essential. It must be part of the daily cleaning schedule. This includes floors, toilet seats and sinks which must be cleaned and disinfected multiple times during the day.

Container with cleaning productsSource: Telemundo

You must take care of offensive odours at all times. You can do this with an automatic air freshener that releases every few minutes. You can also use perfumed toilet cleaner to keep the bad smells at bay.

Make sure that all consumables are constantly replenished. Commercial toilet paper dispensers should be checked to make sure that they have a supply of toilet paper. Also, check soap dispensers are refilled and hand paper towels are also available.

4. Keep Office Bathrooms Tidy and Inviting 

Office bathrooms experience high traffic and sometimes become a safe space for staff during a hectic workday. The bathroom should, therefore, be inviting as well as clean.

healthcare restroomsSource: FacilitiesNet

Proper lighting is important. The law demands that staff and guests have access to toilets inside the building. This means that they must have adequate natural light as well as fixtures. This is crucial to promote cleanliness.

Lockable cabinets and storage for supplies also help to keep your office bathrooms looking inviting. Set aside a space to store supplies to prevent clutter. This will house cleaning equipment, hand products and coreless bulk toilet paper.

Toilet paper and hand paper towel dispensers also contribute to the overall look of the bathroom. Select either plastic or metal dispensers to complement your bathroom. The Georgia Pacific Paper Hand Towel Dispenser and Compact Vertical Double Roll Coreless Tissue Dispenser are a perfect addition to any office bathroom.

As you provide paper consumables and dispensers, there other mandatory items to have in an office bathroom. You must have disposal bins for disposing of used paper products and female sanitary products. These bins are to be emptied on a regular basis to keep the bathroom looking clean.

5. Educate the Masses with Bathroom Posters

Wash your hands posterSource: Fresh and Clean

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been at the forefront at this unique time in history reminding everyone to wash their hands.

They are also emphasising the importance of overall hygiene.

We understand that work can be hectic. You can remind all visitors to the washroom that they must wash their hands with the use of posters.

There are other types of posters that you can consider having in your office bathrooms.

Have posters reminding users to flush the toilet after each use. Another type of poster is a reminder to place the toilet seat down.

You might think that posters aren’t necessary. However, neatly posted signage will remind one or two workers who might forget handwashing and hygiene requirements.

Create Your Impeccable Office Washroom Today

Creating a clean and calming space for your employees is important. But, you don’t have to go it alone.

Australian Linen Supply is here to help you every step of the way.

We supply high-quality single use paper products for your workplace washrooms. Dispensing paper products is a breeze with our range of Georgia Pacific tissue and hand towel dispensers.

With reviews like these you can be sure your joining with a great team,

“I am really happy with the service provided by this company. Our order arrived within days of purchasing & the customer service was immaculate. Thank you for your help.”

“It was great! Thank you! Very good quality products and very fast delivery service. 5 stars!!! We'll order more in the future for sure! Thanks again! All the best”.

Contact Australian Linen Suppy and start getting the quality and service you deserve.

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Crappy Office Washroom? Here’s How to Immediately Improve Hygiene

Many employees spend most of their daytime hours in the office. Offices have become like a second home to workers. Employers are obligated to ensure the health of employees including hygiene needs.

Conditions in the work environment can have a positive or negative impact on workers. When workers are healthy, they are happier and more productive.

A 2019 survey shows the average Australian is absent from work for 11.2 days every year. This costs the economy over $35 billion in lost productivity and wasted wages.

off work per employee chartSource of Information: dhs

Granted, not all sick days taken are a result of genuine health issues. However, employers still need to ensure their staff remain as healthy as possible. 

One of the simplest ways is to keep your office restrooms clean.

According to a study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 77,900 different types of viruses and bacteria were found in shared restrooms.

They concluded that surfaces in these areas were likely to carry infectious pathogens.

This may seem obvious. Unfortunately, some workplace restrooms leave room for improvement. The importance of washrooms should not be taken for granted. 

Importance of Hygienic Office Washrooms

1. Promotes a Healthy Work Environment

A healthy work environment is one of the minimum requirements for productive work. No one likes an unsanitary restroom, especially if they frequent it multiple times a day.

Dirty restrooms affect the morale of workers and they will eventually avoid them. This could lead to health problems and digestive issues. 

Work time will also be lost as they search for alternatives.

Restrooms play host to numerous disease-carrying germs which can cause sickness. 

“Hygiene is Two Thirds of Health” - Lebanese Proverb

The WHO has identified illnesses related to excreta - a common feature in dirty bathrooms. The more common ones that can be transmitted in commercial office settings include:

  • E-coli related infections (abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhoea, fever, vomiting)
  • Salmonellosis/ Food Poisoning
  • Hepatitis A
  • Norovirus

The common cold and the current COVID-19 are also easily spread through surface contact.

Employees may need to take time off work to recover from the effects of these illnesses. It is prudent for managers to encourage cleanliness and good hygiene practices.

2. Employees Feel Valued & Appreciated 

Providing a clean washroom shows your employees that you care for their wellbeing.

83% of American employees believe the condition of workplace washrooms indicates how much their organisation values them. - The Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 2012

A survey showed that employees value their jobs more when restrooms are stocked with high-quality personal care supplies. 

These include paper towel dispensers, soap and air fresheners. They also appreciated restroom mats and professional cleaning services.

Keeping washrooms employee-friendly is a small indication of how employers treat their employees.

It might not directly affect employee retention, it is a gesture that is sure to improve morale. A satisfied worker is more likely to go above and beyond to achieve organisational goals. 

3. Improves Company Image

Imagine you have an important client who needs to use your bathrooms before a meeting. They enter the washroom and find it unclean or unsanitary. They will probably avoid using the facilities or feel disgusted.

This will make a negative impression on their view of the company as a whole. They will probably judge you on the state of the toilets and it may affect your relations with them. 

It is clear the cleanliness of your washrooms indicates your level of professionalism. The state of your washrooms has an impact on how others view your organisation; hygiene standards need to be excellent.

Now you can see why it is essential to keep your restrooms pristine. Not only for aesthetic and hygiene reasons but to also improve your bottom line.

There is no need for a complete overhaul. Try these 3 simple tweaks to improve your workplace washroom hygiene.

Tips to Keeping the Office Toilet Clean

1. Provide Sufficient Supply of Consumables

Washroom supplies get depleted quickly. Replenishing them is an important part of proper bathroom maintenance. These include toilet paper, hand towels and soap. Their importance cannot be trivialized and here’s why:

Tissue Paper

The worst thing that can possibly happen in a washroom is a lack of tissue paper. With new tissue systems and the ability to purchase bulk toilet paper, it is nearly impossible to run out of this bathroom essential.

Using a double-roll coreless dispenser, the automatic drop-down system ensures for continuous service. As soon as the first toilet roll is finished, the second drops into place for a constant supply.

Australian Linen Supply will let you forget about running out of tissue paper. With up to 3,000 two-ply sheets, your employees won’t be worried either.

Hand Washing Soap

Our mothers always told us to wash our hands after going to the toilet and with good reason. 

According to WHO, washing your hands with soap reduces the chances of diarrhoea by a third.

COVID-19 is the key reason all your employees should take handwashing very seriously. In order to prevent the spread of highly infectious diseases at work, you need to help keep their hands clean. 

Make sure your bathrooms always have adequate amounts of soap. This should be combined with all staff washing their hands for at least 20 seconds (or sing happy birthday twice).

Paper Towels

After washing, some bacteria still remain so the hands need to be dried thoroughly.

Bacteria prefer wet hands and are more easily spread.

Research by a top UK university showed that paper towels were the best option for drying hands. Rubbing hands under the dryer may result in more bacteria on the surface of your hands.

A paper hand towel dispenser allows for continuous access to hand drying materials. Choose a dispenser such as the Cormatic Paper Dispenser.

It has no lever, buttons or cranks to reduce contact and maintain hygiene.

It also has a lock to stop users from pilfering the hand towels in high-traffic washrooms.

2. Establish a Cleaning Sequence

Household cleaning productsSource:

There should be no recontamination during the cleaning process. Otherwise, the whole activity is counterproductive.

By following this set cleaning sequence, the cleaner can ensure that surfaces are clean and disinfected.

Step 1: Place Cautionary Signs & Check for Damage

‘Caution Wet Floor’ signs should be placed outside the washroom.

They will warn people of the wet floor hazard and reduce the risk of sustaining any injuries.

Step 2: Empty, Sweep & Refill

Traffic in washrooms quickly fills trash containers which need to be regularly emptied.

After removing all debris in tissue and feminine hygiene dispensers, refill dispensers. Make sure the soap dispenser is at maximum capacity. As shown above, there is no excuse for lack of hygiene products.

Finally, dust all vents, lights and partitions and sweep the floor.

Step 3: Pre-Treat Toilets & Urinals

Pour toilet cleaner and disinfectant around the flush ring and bowl and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

The contact time between the chemical and the surface needs to be sufficient enough to eliminate stains, bacteria and germs.

Step 4: Clean Sink Bowls, Taps, Mirrors and Countertops

A 2013 study shows that sinks contained more bacteria than any other place in bathrooms.

Germs are commonly spread through touch. When someone uses the toilet and touches the sink, those surfaces become contaminated.

It is essential to use disinfectant on all sinks and countertops. Highly polished mirrors give an extra shine and should be kept streak-free.

Step 5: Scrub Toilets & Urinals

Toilets and urinals need to be scrubbed thoroughly using a hardy brush.

The cleaner should focus on the underside of the flush ring which can harbour bacteria. Flushing after scrubbing is crucial.

Step 6: Mop the Floor

Washroom floors become messy, slippery and breeding grounds for hundreds of harmful bacteria.

It is important to mop with an anti-bacterial solution, starting from the furthest corner.

All corners and edges also need to be washed as they collect debris and dirt particles.

Step 7: Clean All Equipment & Report Damage

It is important to rinse all equipment and leave to dry in a well-ventilated area. Cleaning materials can easily transfer germs during the next usage.

Any damaged or broken equipment in the restroom should be reported to the supervisor. An inventory of existing and required stock of perishables should be taken daily.

3. Perform Scheduled Cleaning

The size of the business and the foot traffic you get will determine the frequency of daily cleaning.

The average office worker visits the toilet three or four times a day. If you own or manage an average-sized facility, this will amount to over 1 million trips per year.

Numbers depend on the size of the company and the number of visitors who frequent your workplace. Your cleaning schedule needs to be in line with this.

These tips may help you determine how often your restrooms should be cleaned.

  1. Washrooms Must Be Cleaned at least Once a Day

    There is no exception to this rule. Think about the size of your business, the location and how many people move in and out of the premises.

    Small and medium-sized enterprises can get away with one good scrub per day, with mop ups throughout the day.

    The cleaning supervisor will ultimately determine how often the restrooms are washed but. It is your duty to make sure they perform regular check-ups.

  2. Do Not Wait Until the Restroom Looks Dirty

    By the time a washroom looks dirty, there is a substantial amount of germs and bacteria present.

    This means your staff may have already been exposed to disease-causing pathogens.

    Avoid this with daily cleanings.

  3. Learn the Industry’s Cleaning Requirements

    Every industry has its own requirements when it comes to hygiene regulations. It will be helpful to do your research and implement the stipulated guidelines.

  4. Periodical Deep Cleaning

    Deep cleaning is a necessity as scum, mould and mildew accumulate over time. This is done either by machine or hand using potent chemicals which are not used daily.

    Deep cleaning should happen periodically as advised in the table below.

Floors Machine scrub Removes residue from grouting Every 2 weeks
Walls Hand scrub with a coarse brush Removes residue from grouting Once a month
Waste Bins Hand scrub Removes hardened residue Every 2 weeks
Sinks Hand scrub with a coarse pad Removes accumulated scum & stains Once a week
Toilet Bowls & Urinals Hand scrub exterior and inner rim with a coarse pad Removes stains Once a week
Soap Dispensers Exterior hand scrubbing Removes dirt from joints Once a week
Soap Dispensers Dismantling Clears accumulated residue Once a week
Paper Towel Dispensers Exterior hand scrubbing Removes dirt from joints Once a week
Air Conditioning Fans Wiping Removes dust Once a week

Strive for a More Hygienic Workplace Bathroom

Maintaining a flawless washroom environment isn’t always easy. You may incur expenses and require extra manpower.

These are not reasons to neglect this little space in your business.

Provide the necessities for your employees and customers to feel comfortable during their day.

The most important basic requirement? Tissue paper. Buy it in bulk from Australia Linen Supply and forget the burden as you tackle other ways to improve your business.

Contact ALS today and say goodbye to issues with your tissues.

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