fabric colours

White Sheets Vs Dark Sheets: Which One Should You Choose?

In your bedroom, the colours you pick for your bedroom decor, including your bed sheets, can even help determine the quality of your sleep each night. But how do you pick the right colour of bedsheets for a good night’s sleep? We’ll help you decide.

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table set-up

8 Types of Seating Arrangements for Restaurants

A crucial thing to consider when opening up a restaurant is the seating arrangement. It’s this decision that will largely shape your restaurant business plan going forward. And it’s not an easy decision. But others have done it. And you can, too.

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woman putting hand sanitiser on man's hand

Essential Guest And Employee Hygiene At Your Caravan Park

One of the causes of bacterial resistance to antibiotics is poor sanitation and hygiene practices. As a caravan park or restaurant owner, you have to concentrate on personal hygiene and cleanliness to minimise risks of infection to your staff and clients.

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Colourful garbage bin

The Garbage Area: How to Keep It Clean and Curb Disease Spread

A garbage collection and disposal area is a necessity in any establishment. It provides a specific place for the disposal of garbage. And when properly maintained it prevents the spread of germs, bacteria, and vermin.

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Household cleaning products

5 Stages Of Deep Cleaning Communal Kitchen Equipment

Kitchens are a critical part of any accommodation facility. They are the spaces in which culinary delights are created and memories born. However, they can also be a source of illness.

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Several kettlebells on metal bar

5 Biggest Disease Hotspots in Your Caravan Park’s Gym

Other than getting your guests in shape, your gym could potentially get them sick too! Shocking right? Well, research shows that gyms can be hotbeds for germ activity thanks to the germs gym goers leave behind. The sweaty, damp, and high touch nature of gyms make them the ideal Petri dish for microbes and pathogens.

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