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Communal Hand-Wash Station: Setup Guide

With COVID-19 spreading across the world, the ripple effect on businesses in the food and hospitality industries has been severe, primarily due to the abrupt shortage of demand and labour. However, there are many ways of reducing the spread of viruses and germs in your food business.

One of the most effective and leading means of thwarting the Coronavirus is hand washing. Hand washing also averts the spread of other viral infections like cold, flu, and so on. What’s more, it thwarts the spread of highly infectious diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Are you running a hotel, caravan park or fast food venture? It might be wise to set up a communal hand-wash station for your clients. It shows that you have their interests at heart and improves the safety of your employees as well.

This post will explain everything you need to know about installing a hand-wash station in your workspace.

Factors to Be Aware of When Designing a Hand-wash Station for Your Facility

Not all soaps are friendly to everyone’s skin. Determine the skin reactions and dermal tolerance of all hand-washing products through self-assessment or professional clinical evaluation. Ensure they meet legal obligations and do not have any side effects.

Keep in mind that even alcohol used in sanitizers may cause skin irritation when compared with water and soap. Ensure your hand wash has mild or no fragrance since strong fragrance may cause respiratory symptoms or discomfort in some individuals. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention advises the use of water and soap for cleaning your hands.

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You should also consider the location of the hand-washing unit. It should be easily accessible by both clients and employees. Depending on the size and layout of your facility, choose the ideal type of hand-washing sink.

There are single, double and triple bowl sinks available. In the case of large establishments, you can set up more than one sink inside or outside the structure. For mobile food facilities, you may choose a portable sink so you can use it anywhere.

Ensure your station is stocked with enough soap and paper towels.

The Importance of Having a Dedicated Hand-Washing Sink

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It is crucial to put up the ideal type of sink in your facility. Assess the size and traffic of your facility and decide whether you need a double, single or triple bowl sink.

You also have the option of a portable sink. They are efficient and provide high mobility.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a food business should at least offer a hand-sink outside or inside the establishment. Complying with these FDA regulations not only avoids legal action, but it prevents the spread of diseases around your caravan park or restaurant.

Your sink should be well-supplied with water, soap, sanitizer and paper towels. This will encourage hand hygiene and prevent food poisoning that causes illness or even death.

A hand-washing sink will also help you score a good Food Hygiene Rating and shows customers that you value their well-being.

Location of the Hand-Wash Sink

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Ensure your sink’s location is accessible to motivate customers and employees to wash their hands.

Provide separate sinks for your different food preparation sections such as meat preparation, fresh produce and bakery.

Provide hand-washing sinks in open-air areas of your caravan park, such as the playground.

Torquay Holiday Park playgroundImage Source: Torquay Holiday Park

Temperature of the Water

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Although the FDA recommends using water at 100°F, studies show that the temperature of the water has zero effect on minimizing microbes under primary hand-washing conditions.

According to Dr Raymond Pontzer, UPMC infection and prevention director in Pittsburgh, as long as you follow the correct hand-washing procedure, the water temperature doesn’t make much of a difference.

There’s also the important factor of increased energy costs brought about by heating water

The water temperature does not kill bacteria or viruses. Using the proper hand-washing and scrubbing procedure is what protects against the spread of illness.

Why You Should Avoid Jet Air Dryers

Hand dryers paper dispenserImage by: Hans from Pixabay

It might be prudent to stay away from jet air dryers in your establishment. Studies done by University of Leeds scientists indicate that electric air dryers spread multiple types of viruses and bacteria, therefore making your customers and workers susceptible to others’ germs.

A jet air dryer spreads twenty-seven times more viruses and bacteria into the atmosphere than paper towels.

These microbes move around in the air for 15 minutes before settling on surfaces. Most people fail to wash their hands properly, and this makes the air dryer act as an aerosol that infects the entire room.

Depending on the location of the electric dryer, it may contaminate the sink, floors as well as other places. Opt for paper towels when drying your hands since wet hands promote bacterial and viral transmission. The friction that occurs when using paper towels will also dislodge the bacteria or virus.

Reports from the Harvard Medical school show that bacterial microbes in the air can spread as much as six square meters.

Experts suggest that the viruses and bacteria are sucked up by electric dryers and remain in the devices’ nozzles waiting to spread when you switch on the dryer.

Consider opting to provide paper towels as the sole drying method for your hand-wash station.

Help Prevent the Spread of Disease

Using water and soap is a highly effective option for cleaning your hands. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer after washing to kill any germs that may remain.

The water temperature does not affect the cleanliness of hand washing. Hot water will get rid of the oil faster but extremely hot water will burn the skin and the ensuing wounds may provide a breeding ground for germs.

It is crucial to dry your hands to avert viral and bacterial infection. Opt for disposable paper towels to dry your hands rather than jet air dryers or reusable towels. This dramatically lowers the risk of cross-contamination.

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Lady pulling tissue in toilet

Want the Best Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser? Read This!

In the commercial world, the products and services you provide to customers are crucial. Keep in mind quality, demand, and supply, among other factors.

A commercial toilet paper dispenser requires some thorough research in order to pick the best one. Factors you need to consider include:

  • Quality of material and installation
  • Quantity needed for your workplace
  • Frequency of use
  • Frequency of maintenance and restocking
  • Size and design of the bathroom
  • Cost of purchase, installation, and maintenance

You may have lots of questions about how to choose the best commercial toilet paper dispenser. Let us take that load off your mind.

How Can I Get the Best Quality Dispensers?

Contact a credible source that will give you various options to choose from. You need to consider the choices most suitable for your workplace. Your hunt should begin with some basic research on the best types of dispensers on the market.

After visiting a viable supplier, find out how many you will need for your workplace. You also need to think about what specific features you are after.

Finally, think of the overall theme of your bathrooms and the type of commercial toilet paper you will be using. We will get into the finer details of these steps in the following sections. 

How Many Dispensers Do I Need?

Your workplace layout will determine how many dispensers are required. This means looking into how many bathrooms are available and how many dispensers are required for each one. According to the Australian Code of Practice, you must have at least one toilet per 20 males and one per 15 females. It’s easiest to use just one source for all of your commercial toilet paper dispensers.

Also bear in mind the type of business you are in. Smaller businesses will need fewer dispensers. Your budget will also come into play here so that you can get the best quality without breaking the bank.

How Are the Toilet Paper Dispensers Installed?

There are different ways of installing commercial toilet paper dispensers. Your supplier will be able to help you choose the best option. There are DIY options that use suction cups or hooks instead of screws.

The best option is allowing the supplier to install them for you to reduce any risk of damage. You have the option of installing dispensers that are permanently mounted on the wall or free-standing. This is all dependent on space and volume of use.

What if the Dispensers Malfunction?

Depending on how many customers and employees use the toilets, your dispensers may malfunction or break down. To mitigate this, go for tamper-proof options which will not break with regular use.

When purchasing toilet paper dispensers, ask your supplier if they offer maintenance services. This will help you ease any concerns about future repairs. When the dispensers are being installed, the support staff should be trained on how to clean and maintain them.

Are There Any Other Considerations When Choosing a Dispenser?

There are many special features to suit your workplace dispensers perfectly.

Stub-roll dispensers will immediately push down a new roll of toilet paper once the previous one is used to the last sheet.

There are also open and closed toilet paper dispenser designs available. The closed dispenser will discourage people from tampering with the toilet paper.

When it comes to disabled visitors and staff or young children, the installer will be able to modify the installation based on your workplace needs. Some can be placed lower than the regular dispensers for easier access.

You can go for options that dispense one sheet or multiple sheets at a time.

Finally, there are commercial toilet paper dispensers that allow users to manually remove sheets. Others use a mechanism to automatically dispense the paper.

Can I Get Dispensers to Store Multiple Rolls?

There are also different types of dispensers to choose from depending on how busy your business is. The single sheet dispenser is perfect for a smaller establishment with less traffic.

You can opt for a dual or multi-roll dispenser. These will store two or more rolls at the same time and are great for bigger establishments. This also means the staff will take less time to replenish supplies.

You can get a dispenser for any size of toilet paper roll (standard, multi-ply, or jumbo). The type of workplace and the budget for sanitary supplies will determine the best paper consumables.

Can I Choose the Material of My Dispensers?

Generally, you can choose between plastic and metal dispensers, each with their own pros and cons.

Plastic Dispensers: These are more affordable and require only minor cleaning and maintenance. They are also lighter, which means there is less worry about damaging your walls. Plastic dispensers are also great because they stay scratch-free for a long time.

The downside to plastic dispensers is that you may need to replace them often. This is the case for bathrooms with high human traffic. Consult a supplier like ALS who will advise you on the best option for your workplace bathrooms.

Metal Dispensers: These are more costly but more durable. The most popular metal dispensers are made of stainless steel. These are great if the style and design of your bathrooms is a priority. They are rust-free and can be used for a longer time than other materials. Cleaning and maintenance may take longer but it is worth it.

Choose a dispenser that will allow you to follow the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines

Source Your Top Toilet Paper Dispenser Choice

Now that you’ve got all of the info you need to choose the best toilet paper dispenser for your business, it’s time to source a supplier.

Australia Linen Supply is a one-stop-shop for all your commercial toilet paper needs. The Georgia Pacific Compact Vertical Double Roll Coreless Tissue Dispenser is a great choice for businesses.

ALS also offers affordable, high-quality paper consumables for restocking. Get environmentally friendly, coreless 2-ply toilet paper whenever you need it.

If you’re looking for quality at a reasonable price, look no further than ALS.

Source: jcomp

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