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8 Linen Secrets 5-Star Hotels Don’t Want You to Know


Five-star hotels have had their best-kept linen secrets - until now. We are about to tell you what those secrets are.

Confession time: don’t you just envy how these luxurious hotels have their linen game on another level?

We could go on, but today it’s about revealing secrets.

The truth is, you too can keep your hotel linen bright, beautiful, and perfect for use every day.

Want your whites whiter? Your linens stain-free? And no more gradual greying of linens?

Want to know the secret?

Keep reading - we’re revealing one five-star hotel linen secret after another. And we’re holding nothing back.

1. How to Pick the Perfect Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep

A better Night’s Rest

Image from: Infographic Facts

Don’t you love how hotel pillows sit tall and proud waiting for you to sink your tired head in them?

A good pillow equals a good night’s sleep. And a bad one (you guessed it) equals tossing and turning and waking up with a sore neck, aching back, and a not so happy you.

So how do hotels manage to make you feel like you are sleeping on clouds? A little birdie gave us their pillow secrets:

  • Pick durable pillows;
  • Pick allergy-free pillows;
  • Buy the right pillow size;
  • Mind the firmness of your pillow;
  • Buy a pillow that’s easy to clean and dry;
  • Buy pillows according to your sleeping position;
  • Pick adjustable pillows that contour to the shape of the body.

Here’s an infographic showing you how to get a better night’s rest using pillow positioning.

2. How to Select Hotel Quality Sheets

als product

Hotels don’t use ordinary retail bed sheets; they use hotel quality sheets which are heavier, crispier, and thicker.

Hotel quality sheets are specifically designed and manufactured for the hospitality industry. Therefore, they can withstand frequent use and regular washing - day in, day out.

But there are secrets to procuring perfect hotel quality sheets:

Here are some handpicked hotel quality sheets:

3. How to Fold Hotel Towels

When you check into a hotel room and find hotel towels displayed in different attractive shapes and sizes you think “wow”. How do they do that?

It’s the little details that your guests notice. So don’t get left behind. Add a touch of elegance and class to your towel display.

The secrets of this towel folding art are:

4. How to Stop White Laundry from Going Grey

White Laundry from Going Grey

Different colours trigger various emotions and interpretations in our mind. That’s why when you check into a hotel room with white linen you get the impression that the room is clean, fresh, and uncluttered.

White shows stains easily so you feel confident using white towels, white bathrobes and white slippers.

No wonder hotels love white linen.

But as we all know, keeping your whites white is not an easy task. If you’re not careful, your white linen will gradually start greying - which is an eyesore to any guest.

Here are the secrets to stop white laundry from going grey:

  • Dry your whites in the sun; helps them stay whiter;
  • Sort white linen and wash them separately from other colours;
  • Securely close the detergent bottle after use (some bleaching agents can evaporate);
  • Use detergent intended for whites (they contain bleaching agents such as sodium percarbonate);
  • Use the correct amount of detergent for your water hardness and how soiled the white linens are;
  • Whiten greying white linen by adding a small amount of citric acid powder or vinegar instead of detergent.

5. How to Get Food Stains Out of White Napkins and Tablecloths

White napkins and tablecloths get easily stained. But if you don’t take care of those stains, your customers will doubt your level of cleanliness and form a poor impression of your establishment.

Here are the secrets to taking care of those stains before they reach your customer’s eye:

  • Remove all stains while they are still fresh;
  • Cover the stained tablecloth or napkin with artificial sweetener as soon as the stain gets on the fabric. The fine powder absorbs the oil and prevents it from making a permanent stain;
  • Soak pre-treated table cloths and napkins (use your enzyme-based stain remover as directed on the package) in hot water for at least 8 hours or overnight;
  • Run the soaked linens on a short cycle using hot water in your washing machine. (The long cycle will add extra wear and tear);
  • Hang the white linens out in the sun to keep them white naturally; don’t wring to avoid wrinkles.

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6. How to Get Makeup Stains Out of White Towels

cosmetic product

Image from: Mordor Intelligence

Evidently, the cosmetic products market in Australia is not about to slow down. So it’s no surprise that some (if not all) of your guests will be wearing makeup. And chances are you will find makeup residue on your white fluffy hotel towels, bed sheets, and pillows.

Unless you learn the secret of getting makeup stains out of your towels and linens, or preventing them in the first place.

Here’s how:

  • Soak the stained towels in bleach and water with detergent for as long as needed, then rinse off. And do a regular wash of the towels;
  • Always provide makeup removers / makeup wipes in the guestrooms. Also, have white washcloths for people who bring their own cleansers;
  • Provide a bottle of makeup remover and a tin of cotton balls.

7. How to Stop Detergent Residue from Building Up On Your Whites

It’s easy to think that more detergent cleans your clothes better than less detergent. But that’s not the case. The detergent residue leaves your laundry feeling hard, rough, and not so squeaky clean.

Are there any secrets to counter this problem? Absolutely.

  • Add one cup of white vinegar to your wash with detergent. Vinegar will cut through the claggy residue that detergents leave behind;
  • Pour powdered detergent into the empty washer first before loading your linens. This gives it the most time to dissolve;
  • Don’t use too much detergent, especially with high-efficiency washers;
  • Never pour fabric softener directly on wet clothes. Also, use the smallest recommended amount;
  • Don’t cram too many items into the washer; it leaves little room for soil and residue to be flushed away;
  • Clean your dirty washer twice a month to remove soil, minerals, and detergent residue that’s depositing on your linen;
  • Hard water can react with detergent and leave mineral deposits on your clothes; Learn how to launder your clothes using hard water.

8. How to Make Towels Softer

It’s a delight to use soft and fluffy towels. But even the plushest towels can turn rough and scratchy when not laundered with care.

So what’s the secret to keeping your towels luxuriously soft?:

  • Start by buying dense high-quality cotton towels that are soft and absorbent. The heavier the towels, the plusher and more luxuriant they feel;
  • Wash and dry new towels alone for the first three cycles to get rid of manufacturer’s added pre-treatments and lint synonymous with new cotton towels;
  • Don’t cram too may towels into the dryer because they will clump and tangle; when the dryers' heat fails to reach all the moisture pockets the towels will come out hard and stiff;
  • Throw dryer balls or clean tennis balls into the dryer to break up clumps and help reduce static;
  • Open the dryer mid-cycle to pull apart any tangled towels;
  • Replace fabric softener with distilled white vinegar with each load; fabric softener hinders the absorbency of towels;
  • Use a product like Oxyclean (sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate - made by combining sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide) to bleach your towels instead of chlorine bleach. Chlorine contains harsh chemicals that flatten the textured loops that make up a towel’s fibres;
  • Use half a cup of baking soda to create a softer texture and get rid of the sour odour that comes from leaving wet towels in the laundry.

P.S. Don’t mix baking soda and vinegar in the machine. The chemical reaction may cause the machine to overflow.

More tips:

  • Too much laundry detergent leads to crunchy towels. Use half the recommended amount and run an extra rinse cycle to make sure all the detergent washes away;
  • Wash and dry the towels at medium heat to preserve the fibres and eliminate bacteria;
  • Only fold and put away towels that are completely dry. Don’t leave damp towels in the dryer either, in case you invite mildew or crease and crush the fibres;
  • Have enough towels to use on rotation so that the fibres get to rest in between washes.

Let’s face it, finding the best towels in town can be a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from. But don’t get overwhelmed. We recommend the following towels built specifically for the hospitality industry:

Oops! The Linen Secrets Are Out

We promised to reveal the linen secrets five-star hotels have been keeping under wraps. And we did. You now have the information you need to keep your linens in top-notch condition.

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7 Charming Ways to Treat Your Guests to Unforgettable 5-Star Luxury

breakfast in bed

Guests are a blessing when they visit. They fill your home with warmth and laughter. And it’s natural to want to give them an unforgettable 5-star luxury treatment.

Luxurious hotels are best known for taking your breath away. They always nail their first impression and continue to mesmerise you with bits and pieces of thoughtful things that give you a warm and inviting feel.

Everywhere you go is impressive; the neatly adorned lobby, cosy room with perfect lighting, plush bed with a mound of pillows that look like marshmallows, a well-stocked bathroom with miniature lotions and potions, and the fluffiest towels that feel so good on your skin

There’s ducted A/C to keep you warm when the night is cold. And as you sink into your bed, the smooth and crisp hotel sheets feel perfect. Come morning, after a restful night, you have your breakfast in bed while watching the TV.

And on goes the little and big hotel charms and treats...

Now, can you bring some of these luxury hotel features into your own home? And thoroughly impress your guests.

Absolutely. And we’ll show you how.

1. Pretty up With Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers quotes

Fresh flowers are pretty and they smell incredibly good. So you can be sure your home will be filled with pleasant floral scents.

For maximum impact, place a large floral arrangement as close to the front door as possible.

And then keep up with the flower theme by placing other beautiful floral arrangements in strategic places around the house.

Now that you’re going floral, you could use some of these flower care tips:

  • Use garden sheers to trim one or two inches off your flower stems. This improves the flowers’ water intake. After every two or three days, re-trim your bouquet;
  • Trim your flowers to remove any leaves below the water line. Also, keep checking daily for dead or loose leaves and petals. This keeps your flowers safe from bacterial rot;
  • To keep your flowers hydrated, put room temperature water into a flower vase and add a packet of flower food. Mix well and ensure that the concentration is right;
  • Clean the flower vase well and change the water and flower food after every two or three days;
  • Place your flowers in rooms with cooler temperatures, away from direct sunlight, and equipment that generates heat. Avoid open windows, ceiling fans, and heating or cooling vents;
  • Don’t display your bouquet near fruit; ripening fruits release tiny amounts of ethylene gas which reduces the life span of your fresh flowers.

2. Fill the Air With Lovely Scented Candles

Candles create the perfect ambience for a warm and cosy home. Even better, scented candles fill the air with lovely scents. Your guests will surely enjoy the cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Now that your scented candles have created a warm glow, filling your home with a sweet fragrance, you have the perfect relaxing atmosphere. However, candles can easily cause fires. So heed to the following precautions:

  • Burn candles away from any draughts;
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended;
  • Protect surfaces, which may be damaged by heat;
  • Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets;
  • Don’t light candles on or near anything that may catch fire.

3. Keep it Subtly Elegant and Stylish

Elegant and Stylish

Do you always wonder how hotels manage to look neat and uncluttered? Nothing too showy?

They have mastered the art of keeping it subtly elegant and stylish. And you can borrow a leaf from their book.

Use these tips to keep your house simple and elegant - even after the guests leave:

4. Invest in Great Bedding

You stunned your guests with an alluring entrance, they enjoyed the ambience in your home, now it’s time to send them to dreamland in style. Remember they will be spending about eight hours in bed each night, so you better make it comfortable.

Here’s how: always have great bedding.

But then again, buying great bedding can be tricky and somewhat overwhelming. How about we help you ace your bedding options?

Sounds good? Let’s start.

Bed Sheets

Your guests should sleep on smooth and crisp bed sheets that caress the skin with a silky feel. You need to know several things about bed sheets:

Let’s now take a look at a variety of bed sheets from Australian Linen Supply.

product collage


A good pillow is one that offers excellent support to the head and neck while keeping the spine in neutral alignment. But there are tons of pillow options out there. So buy your pillow based on your personal preferences and intended use.

Let’s explore pillow options:

  • Water pillows: offers unchanging solid support;
  • Wool pillows: absorbent and breathable pillow;
  • Cotton pillows: breathable pillow with a cooling effect;
  • Polyester fill pillows: easy to clean and affordable pillows;
  • Kapok pillows: pillow made from natural plants; free from toxicity;
  • Feather pillows: inexpensive light and soft pillows compared to down;
  • Microbead pillows: a breathable and malleable pillow that holds its shape;
  • Latex pillows: a semi-breathable pillow that keeps you cool throughout the night
  • Goose down pillows: light and soft pillow that accommodates all sleeping positions;
  • Buckwheat pillows: long lasting pillow made of natural and compostable materials;
  • Memory foam pillows: have a magical way of retaining their shape without clumping.

How about we get visual now and show you some of the best pillow options that your guest will love resting their heads in as they catch some much-needed sleep?

5. Have Special Towels for Guests

The best towels are those that are soft, fluffy, and super absorbent - not to mention big.

Remember towels should not be shared; therefore, store enough towels for all your guests. Need some ideas? Have a look at these towel suggestions:

6. Display a Basket of Miniatures

Still on the bathroom theme; display a nice basket of miniatures in your guests’ bathroom. Even if your guests don’t use the miniature potions and lotions, they at least look pretty.

You can include some of these beauty bits and items used to freshen up:

  • Tissues
  • Hair gel
  • Nail file
  • Nail glue
  • Lash glue
  • Vaseline
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray
  • Deodorant
  • Hand lotion
  • Wet wipes
  • Baby powder
  • Body spray
  • Lint roller
  • Safety pins
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Sunscreen
  • Hair bobbins
  • Clear nail varnish
  • Dry Hair Shampoo
  • Mini bottles of perfume
  • Mini bottles of aftershave
  • Feminine hygiene products

  • When your guests have all these little yet essential things within their reach, they will hardly need to reach out to you for help with this or that (which can be overwhelming if you are hosting many guests).

    Other bathroom essentials that you shouldn’t forget to provide:

    7. Alternate Breakfast in Bed With Breakfast Buffets

    Let your guests wake up to a delicious homemade breakfast served in bed. This little ritual (well mastered by luxurious hotels) will leave your guests feeling thoroughly spoilt and pampered. Just the way it should be.

    In as much as it’s delightful to serve breakfast in bed, it makes sense to try other great ideas as well. You can alternate breakfast in bed with breakfast buffets - it's a versatile option that you can do indoors or outdoors.

    Buffets bring people closer. They enhance socialising and chatting in a friendly atmosphere.

    You also get a chance to do a beautiful presentation of your breakfast; foods grouped in different stations look more attractive.

    Wowed Guests

    Wowed Guests

    These charming tricks of the trade are bound to wow your guests. They will enjoy their stay at your home and once they leave, they will not stop gushing about how pampered they felt while staying over. No doubt an unforgettable 5-star luxury treat.

    What’s also unforgettable is how luxuriously rich and cosy Australian Linen Supply’s bed linen pillows, bath linen and more can be.

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    8 Hacks to Keep Your Towels Luxury Hotel Soft and Fluffy

    folding towels

    Everyone wants to use luxuriously soft and fluffy towels; including yourself.

    When you bought your new towels, they were richly soft and fluffy, right? And they felt so good against your skin, didn’t they?

    How about now? Are your towels gradually hardening wash after wash? And you hate that sandpaper feel as they rub against your skin.

    Guess what, you can restore your towels to their original soft and fluffy state. And we’re about to discuss how.

    Here we go:

    1. Buy the Right Quality Towels

    John Ruskin

    Your journey towards soft and fluffy towels begins at the purchasing stage. When you buy poor quality towels, you will have a harder time keeping them soft and plush. Therefore, put some time and energy in your towel selection process.

    Use these tips to help you buy the right quality towels:

    Know the Type of Towel You Need

    Choosing the right towel boils down to personal preference;

    • Super soft and ultra-absorbent towel: opt for 100% cotton with dense plush loops of yarn on the surface;
    • Quick drying and more durable: opt for a poly-cotton blend or a towel with lighter fabric and a low pile (short loops).

    P.S. A towel with fluffy loops feels softer and absorbs water better, but it can take longer to dry. It may also show more wear from laundering

    Check the Fibre Content

    • 100% cotton towels are the gold standard. It is more absorbent and durable which saves you money in the long run;
    • Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton towels tend to be softer because the fabric constitutes of longer fibres;
    • Combed cotton towels are made of long durable threads with fibres aligned in one direction.

    Inspect the Towel

    Confirm (visually) that all the edges of the towel are neatly folded and secured with close secure stitching. When the towel’s edges are not properly done, your towel will fray sooner - which affects its durability.

    Lift the towel; if it feels denser, then it is more absorbent and plush. Here are the general towel weights (in grams per square metre) and associated density:

    • 300-400 GSM: lightweight towel;
    • 400-600 GSM: medium-weight towel;
    • 600-900 GSM: heaviest towel.

    2. Wash Your Towels Using Soft Water

    When you wash your towels using hard water, they will feel rough and scratchy after drying. That’s because hard water contains minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium which slowly accumulate between the towel fibres.

    Here’s how to tell if your water is hard:

    • High heater bills;
    • Clogged plumbing pipes;
    • Appliances wearing out quickly;
    • Dishes remain spotty after washing;
    • Your water has a strange taste and smell;
    • Soap scum on your shower curtains, tub, and tiles;
    • Rinsing laundry detergent out of your clothes becomes difficult;
    • Your skin gets dry and irritated after washing clothes by hand.

    If you realise that you are using hard water, you can treat it so it becomes softer water. You can, for example, install a water softener.

    3. Wash Your Towels in Warm Water

    Still on the water issue, it’s best to use warm water to wash your towels instead of cold water. And for good reason, because warm water helps:

    • Better detergent absorption;
    • Sanitise and kill germs;
    • Dissolve detergents more efficiently;
    • Remove build up of grime so your towels look brighter and less stained.

    4. Wash Your Towels Using Less Detergent Than Suggested

    Soap residue contributes to non-fluffy towels. Therefore, use less detergent than suggested. This helps your machine wash cycle have an easier time washing off those pesky soap residues. Otherwise, they won’t rinse clean - and you don’t want soap residue on your towels, right?

    To help you avoid wasting soap and throwing your money down the drain, use these tips:

    • Choose the right detergent that works with your machine - whether a regular or high-efficiency machine. This helps you avoid too many suds on your clothes.
    • Don’t pour your detergent without measuring. Eyeballing the correct amount of detergent will result in errors. And remember our tip about using slightly less detergent than suggested.

    5. Use Vinegar or Baking Soda

    Vinegar is a Laundry Miracle Worker

    Image from: thespruce

    Use vinegar or baking soda on your towels instead of fabric softener. Because fabric softener contains silicon which makes your towels water repellent. So, they won’t wash well.

    Add 1/2 cup of baking soda or vinegar to the laundry at the time when you add your regular liquid detergent.

    Baking soda or vinegar helps:

    • Keep towels fluffy
    • Whiten white towels;
    • Towels dry odour-free;
    • Brighten towels;
    • Loosen up towel fibres;
    • Clean up chemicals and grime.

    Don’t let the strong vinegar smell worry you. As the towels dry, the vinegar smell evaporates leaving your towels soft, fluffy, and odourless.

    6. Use the Right Wash Load

    Don’t overload your washing machine. Putting too many towels in your washer at once strains your machine. It will also prevent your towels from rinsing off all the dirt and detergent.

    So think about how many towels you are washing and how dirty they are. And then use the right load as shown below.

    How much laundry can I fit in various load sizes

    The same rules apply to your dryer - if you overload it, there won’t be enough air in the dryer to properly fluff the fabric. So your towels will come out stiff and matted instead of soft and fluffy.

    Another thing you should remember is to shake out each towel before you throw it into the dryer. It helps prevent wrinkles and helps the towels dry faster.

    Also, use the right setting/cycle for your laundry:

    Permanent press: Medium heat for synthetic fabrics;

    Air dry: No heat - great for fluffing pillows or refreshing clothes;

    Cotton: High heat for towels, jeans, sweats, and other heavy fabrics;

    Gentle: Low heat for delicate items like lingerie and workout clothes;

    7. Throw a Dryer Ball or a Tennis Ball in the Dryer

    New tennis balls or dryer balls bouncing around in the dryer as your towels dry help:

    • Remove lumps;
    • Prevent clumping;
    • Soften and fluff your towels;
    • Speed up the drying process;
    • Reduce wrinkles and static.

    Watch the video below to learn more:

    8. Go Easy on the Tumble Drying

    Although tumble drying makes your towels fluffier, the heat from the dryer can damage them. To avoid that, try to:

    • Use a lower setting;
    • Alternate between air drying and tumble drying;
    • Dry towels on the line and finish them up in the dryer;
    • Dry your towels under the warm sun;

    P.S. If you prefer line drying, shake the towels out hard (about three times) before hanging them outside. This helps to fluff up the fibres. Alternatively, toss the towels in the dryer on a cool setting for additional softness.

    Fluffier, Softer Towels

    Pearl Indulgence White Bath Sheet

    Pearl Indulgence White Bath Towel

    Pearl Indulgence White Hand Towel

    It’s no secret that it’s a hard life being a towel. Everyday towels get exposed to hard water, friction, harsh detergents, bleaches, stains, oils, and more.

    No wonder you need to give them a little TLC to keep them feeling softer and fluffier every day.

    Luckily, we’ve given you the hacks. Follow them and you can expect soft, fluffy towels that are perfectly scented and absorbent - just like in luxurious hotels.

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    9 Stylish Ways to Fold Your Hotel Towels

    9 Stylish Ways to Fold Your Hotel Towels

    When guests visit your hotel, you want them to leave with a lasting impression. Right from the time they arrive at the hotel to the time they reach their rooms, they need to experience the “wow” factor.

    The “wow” factor is easy to achieve depending on how you present the little intimate details. This includes how you make beds, vacuum, clean bathrooms, and other tiny details.

    One of the tiny details that have a big impact on satisfaction is the folding of the guests’ towels. The way you present their towels can create an instant feeling of luxury or neglect.

    In many of the best hotels, staff learn to display towels in different attractive shapes and sizes. The end result is a work of art by the hoteliers which adds a touch of class and elegance.

    So, how do you fold your hotel towels and leave a lasting impression? Here are nine different ways to make your guests’ towels bring a smile to their faces:

    Towel Origami

    white towel origami
    Image source

    Decorative towel folding is a unique form of art. You can fold towels in various ways to create all sorts of beautiful shapes.

    Towel origami is good for impressing guests in the hotel or giving towels as a gift. The interesting bit is that anyone can learn towel origami.

    There are a variety of origami forms including boats, pinwheels, and hearts. Tips on making and folding origami towels are accessible here.

    Pocket and Fan Hanging Towel

    The Pocket and Fan towel fold involves folding a towel lengthwise and crosswise. The idea is to form a pocket at the bottom of the towel. This is the side facing the guest. This fold is best on a hand towel.

    After that, shape a washcloth in the form of a fan and tuck it into the pocket. You can also make a handtowel with washcloth roll.

    Fold the washcloth like an accordion. Then fold it in half and open the folded cloth in the form of a seashell shape. Place the shell you make on the folded hand towel and open it on a diagonal. This will give an inviting touch to your powder room.

    Animal Towel Art

    How to make a towel mouse
    Image source

    Guests’ children get excited by very simple things like animal towel art. You can fold towels into shapes like butterflies, elephants, and bunnies. Not only is Animal Towel Art interesting - anyone can do it.

    The various animals' can even have accessories. This can be things like orchids and local flowers to add style. It’s such an easy way to increase the guests’ satisfaction. Towel animals are really easy to make. Try it today in your establishment and see for yourself.

    Romantic Towel Swans

    The Romantic Swan Fold is a bath towel folding design often on cruise ships or in resort hotels. It takes only one minute to do the fold and it’s ideal for adding colour to a honeymoon suite.

    To make the swans, fold the bath towel in a diagonal manner from both ends, then curl into an S-shape. Next, the fan-style fold makes the washcloth into elegant wings. Repeat the exact process with the second towel to form the second swan.

    Position the two so that they rest beak-to-beak and create a heart-shape with their necks.

    This is towel origami that you can easily use for your own bathroom at home.

    Spa Towel Roll

    If you offer massages and facials at your hotels, you need towels for guests. Keep in mind that guests’ expectations at hotel spas are high. Spa towel rolls aim to create an attractive towel basket in the bathroom.

    To make the Spa Towel Roll, start by folding a bath towel once over, width-wise. If the towel is large, you’ll repeat this fold. After that, roll up the towel, ensuring it is tight and even. When you roll your towels, place them in a decorative basket, and add more towels of various sizes.

    Your decorative basket of fresh linen will take you less than a minute per towel to arrange. This one can be an everyday task. In fact, it even takes less time than ordinary towel folding.

    Simple things like spa towels displays are a highlight in an individual’s spa experience. Despite being a quick and easy fold, a spa towel roll still provides the elegance guests look for in spas.

    Trifold For Stacked Towels

    Consider folding bath and hand towels in your hotel into tri-folds. This gives your hotel a neat, and orderly look all the time.

    To achieve this, fold your bath and hand towels into thirds on the vertical side. Do the same on the horizontal side. You can follow the Towel Tri-fold Stack illustration here.

    The folds make sure that the edges of the towel are invisible and not sticking out on the sides. The neat rolls and tucks ensure your towels maintain a fluffy and rounded appealing look.

    Towel Cake

    cake towel diagram
    Image source

    Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they find a cake made of towels on their bed. Towel cakes are ideal for all sorts of occasions, including bridal shower favours, baby shower gifts, and as decorations in honeymoon suites.

    To create a beautiful fluffy cake, you will need two large bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Place the towels horizontally on a flat surface, and then fold them lengthwise.

    Start with one end and roll up the towel. Repeat for all the towels. To secure the towels, you can use pins or tie satin ribbons. Put the large towel rolls down first, add the second layer of hand towel rolls, and finish with the washcloth rolls at the top.

    To complete the fold, add some rose petals on the top. Some hoteliers use lace, ribbons, and pearl sprays to complete the decoration on the cake. Check out this handy Towel Cake How-To guide.

    Towel Couch

    towel couch diagram
    Image source

    The towel couch is simple to make and is perfect for hotel rooms. You can use them to add small welcome notes for guests, toiletries and other small items in a creative way.

    You can achieve this fold with three large towels. Fold the towels in half and roll them tightly. Place two towel rolls next to each other and the third one at the back.

    Keep soaps and other toiletries on the towel rolls placed side-by-side. You can get a tutorial on the Towel Couch fold here.

    Towel Rose

    You can fold towels that come in different colours to make beautiful roses. The roses amplify the romantic atmosphere of any room. To make a rose towel, you will need colourful towels and faux stems or leaves.

    Place a towel horizontally on a flat surface and fold it up on the long side. Next, fold one corner of the towel down, and from this side, roll the towel once towards the centre. Here is how to fold an Origami Towel Rose.

    Twist the leftover part of the towel once. Roll over this twisted section until there is no more towel to roll. Tuck in the last part into the fold reproduced from twisting.

    Repeat the process for three more flowers. After that, add decoration with pretty pink pins to hold the roses together. To make leaves, use small hand towels or artificial leaves.

    NB: The fabric of the towels you use will affect the folds. If it is thin and falls apart easily starch and iron it prior to use for perfect results. Or even better, use high-quality towels and bath linen from a good supplier.

    Your Choice of Towels Affects The Folds

    Regardless of how you fold the towel, the “wow” factor really comes down to the quality of the bath linen. Which is why high-end hotels and resorts always use high-end bath linen.

    Towels that are consistently the softest, thickest, fluffiest and exude luxury. Exactly like the high-end luxury towels, Australian Linen Supply provides the best hotels in Australia.

    ALS is the go-to brand in the Australian linen market. They provide high-quality bed and bath linen, including quilts (duvets), pillow and mattress protectors, bathrobes and cabinet towel rolls.

    Visit Australian Linen Supply online today and browse high-quality, affordable linen for every occasion. Your hotel guests will feel like they are in the very lap of luxury.

    Photo courtesy from Freepik by lifeforstock