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6 Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing The Right Pillow

6 Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing The Right Pillow

Pillow selection is a very personalised affair. People will want different colours, shapes, sizes, and material for their pillows. The best way to pick a pillow that is right for you is to create an individualized criterion. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of factors that you need to consider when picking the right pillow for your accommodation. 

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You are well advised to use your instinct to pick pillows that will make your guests the most comfortable.

1. Fibre Fill

There are numerous ways that you can fill a pillow. Each of the methods has its merits and demerits and will depend on your personal preference and needs. The following are the most common types of filler materials that are put into pillows:

Down Fill

Pillows filled with down are light and soft. They provide a soft surface on which to rest your head at night. If you like soft materials, then you will love these pillows. The down material is either made from duck or goose fibres.

The goose fibre tends to be softer compared to the duck fibre. It is, therefore, more expensive depending on the softness of the goose down. It is important to note that both pure down and all down pillows will contain other fill, as well as the feathers. 

The biggest worry among the users of down pillows is allergic reactions and sensitivity to the down material. However, it has been noted that most of the allergic reactions come as a result of using low quality down materials that have not been adequately cleaned. 

If the dirt remains on the down material instead of the fibre, be sure that the pillow will give its user allergy and discomfort. 

If you are worried about getting allergy reaction from the down, you can check for hypoallergenic down, also known as “hypodown”, which is a guarantee that it has been adequately cleaned.

Hypodown is a blend of pure down and a natural substance such as syriaca which boosts the allergy-free properties of the down. 

Hypoallergenic down will guarantee the longevity of your pillow because it does not need a lot of cleaning. 

Remember that good quality pillows will be expensive but the effect they have on the quality of sleep will be more than worth it.

Synthetic Down and Polyester Pillow Fill

Synthetic down is also known as down alternative. And is a polyester microfibre material.

Your synthetic down or polyester pillow will feel light and soft just like an authentic goose or down.

These synthetic fill pillows are best suited for people suffering from allergies. Mainly because they are hypoallergenic. 

Also, if you are shopping on a budget, this is the pillow to consider buying. In particular, polyester fill pillows are quality, yet inexpensive compared to all the others.

Other features worth mentioning about the synthetic down pillows include:

  • Wide selection of down alternative models to choose from
  • Keep you cool through the night. They absorb very little body heat
  • Moldable easily so you can cuddle them as you sleep
  • Soothing to sleepers suffering from neck and shoulder pains

Buy Medium Firm Pillow with 100% elasticized polyester fill here.

Wool Pillow Fill

Pillows filled with wool are naturally hypoallergenic and can resist dust mites and mould.

Since the wool can absorb the moisture from your head and neck, the pillows with woollen fill help to regulate the temperature when you're sleeping, keeping you warm during winter and cold summers. 

Pillows filled with wool are firm and durable. If you are looking for all the benefits of wool but do not require the firmness, you can substitute the wool with alpaca wool and get rid of the cashmere fibres.

Cotton Pillow Fill

Cotton is similar to wool in so many ways. It is naturally hypoallergenic and also resistant to mould and dust mites.

Cotton pillows are usually firm and flat. They are a smart choice for people who are sensitive to chemicals and are allergic to other materials.

Latex Pillow Fill

With a latex pillow fill, you will benefit from the following salient features:

  • Latex fill is much firmer compared to down fill
  • It’s comfortable to sleep on
  • The latex filled pillow holds its shape throughout the night
  • Resistant to dust and mites
  • Contoured to provide extra support to your head and neck and to restrict a lot of movement as you sleep. They are not the kind of pillows that you'll squish and change shape and positions as you like.

Shredded Memory Foam Fill

Another popular pillow fill is the memory foam fill. The memory foam responds and conforms appropriately to an individual’s shape, weight, body heat, and the contours of the head, shoulders, and neck.

Moreover, the foam distributes your weight evenly across the bed. This has made it popular with people experiencing head and neck pains. The same applies to those who have problems with pressure points that usually cause discomfort when they are sleeping.

The memory foam retains heat which makes it uncomfortable when one is sweating. However, modern pillows that have memory foam come with designs that allow for ventilation. Thus the foam remains a material that retains heat. 

Another disadvantage of the memory foam is that it gives off some chemical smells especially when it's new and this can be bothersome to some people.

2. Pillow Fill Weight

You will also need to consider the weight of your fill. For example, down and synthetic pillows are usually light whereas memory foam and latex are heavy.

Picking the right weight for your pillow is a personal preference. For example, if you have to reshape and move your pillow around, you are better off using a light pillow.

3. Quality of the Pillow Fill

Another thing that you need to consider when buying a pillow is the quality of the fill.

Here’s the thing:

The quality of your pillow fill will determine your pillow’s comfort, longevity, and support. And all these factors will be reflected in the price of the pillow.

When you decide that you want a particular type of pillow fill, you need to select the highest quality possible for your budget.

Keep in mind that you will be spending thousands of hours on that pillow during its lifespan. And the pillows quality directly relates to the quality of sleep that you'll get.

Luxury Collection Soft Fill Pillows

4. Size of the Pillow

Most people require just the standard sized pillow for their bed. However, some people may prefer larger pillows and that is also fine - as long as the pillows keep your sleep posture well aligned.

The thickness of your pillow will determine how well your head, shoulders, neck, and spine are aligned when you sleep. 

Ensure that the pillowcase and the pillow properly fit together. Never try to fit an oversized pillow into an undersized pillowcase or vice versa. 

Pillows are made to fit different specialised shapes to increase support and stability for your neck and head when you sleep. Examples of pillows that can be useful include contour and cervical pillows which help with back pain and neck pain.

Some pillows are built for stability to relieve your pressure points so that you can have a more relaxed sleep. Beware of the marketing element in some of these speciality-shaped pillows.

5. The Pillow Fabric

Before you buy a pillow, ensure that its fabrics are breathable and natural. The pillowcases will cover the pillow and help elongate its life by protecting it from sweat and stains.

Decorative pillows will look awesome on beds but you should remove them before you sleep.

6. Pillow Chemistry

Synthetic materials such as polyester and foam are produced using chemical processes. They usually undergo an antimicrobial treatment.

It is important that you understand the chemistry that went into producing your pillow so that you can be willing to invest in a well-made pillow.

Remember to consider your allergy and chemical sensitivities before you select a particular pillow type. 

What is Fill Power?

The higher the fill number the better the quality of your pillow and the longer it will serve you. If you find that a pillow has a fill power of over 600, it is a sign that the pillow is either made of natural or synthetic down and it is of high quality. 

There is a limit to the power of the fill material because a fill of 800 and above will not mean that your pillow can last for over a decade. Don’t be fooled by the sales pitch. 

Here a helpful video to help you understand fill power better. Check it out. 

Nab Your Next Superb Pillow

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book” - Irish proverb

Since you’ve read our no-nonsense guide to buying superb pillows, you are now ready to make an informed purchase.

Go on, treat your guests to the best hotel quality pillows now. They will surely catch some refreshing sleep tonight! Sweet dreams.




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How to Choose Luxurious Bed Pillows Like a Pro

How to Choose Luxurious Bed Pillows Like a Pro

Are you sick and tired of frequently experiencing lower back pains while you sleep? Believe it or not, a change in your sleeping position could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The best sleeping positions for you if you constantly experience lower back pain* are:

  • Sleeping on your back your knee supported
  • Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees
  • Sleeping in the fetal position
  • Sleeping on your front with a pillow under your stomach
  • Sleeping on the front with your head facing down
  • Sleeping on your back with a reclined position

Adopting these sleeping positions is not the only solution to your lower back pains or a backache.

You will need hotel-quality pillows for that extra comfort and support while sleeping in these positions thus ultimately get a good night’s sleep.

The thing is hotel pillows are usually standardized to ensure that they support your neck and body when you sleep.

Therefore, if you look for hotel pillows to buy and actually purchase them, then you will have obtained a solution for your good night sleep. That’s because high-end hotels will never buy pillows that are not comfortable for their customers.

It’s pretty obvious once you think about it.

So let us help you pick the perfect hotel pillow for your accommodation facility. We’ll mainly highlight a couple of pillow characteristics worth keeping in mind.

1. Allergy-Free Pillows

“Dust mites are the most common asthma trigger in the world and the bedroom is the primary source for dust mites.” Russell Faust, PhD, MD

By buying an allergy free pillow for your hotel visitors, they will avoid getting respiratory allergies that can be very expensive to treat.

It is amazing how many people get sick or worsen their respiratory allergies because they didn't choose a proper bed pillow.

An allergy free pillow is not only good for health but also helps keep away mites and other insects from invading your lodging facility.

2. Pillows That Perfectly Fit Each Sleeping Position

Different people have different sleeping positions. These include:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Fetal position sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers

Depending on one’s sleeping position, you will need different pillow sizes and density.

Therefore, you need to buy bed pillows that best suit each sleeping position.

Interestingly, someone’s sleeping position says something about them. Curious to find out what your sleeping position says about you? Check out this video.

3. Durable and Long Lasting Pillows

The shape and firmness of the pillow will be determined by the material that was used to make it.

You would not want to buy a pillow that loses its firmness within a year of use, right?

Remember, the average lifespan of a pillow is two years. Therefore, it is hygienic to have the pillows at your lodging changed every two years.

But you shouldn’t strictly wait for 2 years to elapse. There are other signs that say: it's time for a new pillow.

A good pillow should have proper ventilation and minimal water retention. Factors that help prevent bed bugs, mould and bacteria from forming around the pillow.

A good example of a durable pillow is the Talalay latex pillow. It is highly breathable, round, and features an open cellular structure. The pillow is also easily washable.

Durable Medium Firm Pillow 700gms

4. Adjustable Pillows

If buying body pillows, ensure that they are long. Long and elevated body pillows should be adjustable. Mainly because they are designed to contour to the body shape of the sleeper.

If you are buying body pillows, make sure that they are suited for all kinds of sleepers such as side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, among others.

It is highly recommended that pregnant ladies use adjustable pillows. The adjustable pillow enhances their sleeping comfort throughout every trimester.

5. Supportive Pillows

Supportive pillows are adjustable and soft. You can keep them under your neck, hug them, or use them to support your back.

No wonder supportive pillows are a favourite for all kinds of sleepers regardless of their sleeping positions.

And these supportive pillows are awesome in these ways:

  • Reduce spine pressure
  • Align the neck and the head
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Promote a sound sleep pattern

6. Good Comfortable Pillows

Ensure that all the pillows you use on your bed are comfortable. But how can you best test the comfort of your pillow?

In case you wake up at night to hit your pillow, fold it up, or bunch several pillows together, you are dealing with an uncomfortable pillow.

A good pillow is the one that allows you to sleep soundly throughout the night. And when you wake, up you are well rested and properly energized.

Luxury Collection Soft Fill Pillow

7. Find the Right Size of Pillow

“A good-quality supportive pillow is the key to a sound night’s sleep, which in turn benefits your general wellbeing. A pillow that is the wrong height forces your muscles to work overtime to support the weight of your head and neck which can lead to neck pain, back pain and headaches.”- Homes to Love, Australia

Therefore, get pillows that are of the right size.

While at it, also ensure that your pillows are versatile enough to function both as supporting pillows when sleeping and when sitting. Also, your pillows should be suitable for travel.

8. Easy to Clean Pillows

At some point, you will have to clean your pillows so as to maintain bed hygiene.

Pillows usually get dirty due to dried sweat thus require regular cleaning. If a pillow is not easy to clean, it will make a fertile environment for mould and bacteria growth.

When buying a pillow, choose one that you can easily throw into a washing machine and it is automatically cleaned. Ensure that the pillow can also dry quickly.

Watch this video for some useful tips on how to clean your pillow.

9. Mind the Firmness of the Pillows

A good pillow is neither too soft nor too firm. Ensure that when looking for a pillow, you'll get at least a grade 4 firmness (medium soft).

A pillow that is too firm will cause neck pains. Use a moderately firm pillow which can easily conform to the shape of your neck.

According to medical practitioners, the best pillows for body pains are;

  • Rounded to help support the natural curve of the spine
  • Made of foam or feathers because they provide a soft landing for your head
  • Hard enough to support your neck but not too hard as this might lead to more neck pain

When you sleep on a good pillow, you will wake up rested and energized and you will not have neck, back, or head pains. Ensure that all your pillows are hypoallergenic and safe for your guests.

Medium Firm Pillow 600gms

To Sum Up

Don’t get caught leaving your accommodation guest to suffer from a bed pillow that’s too flat or too tall or too soft or too hard. We’ve just disclosed clever tips to help you choose and buy the right bed pillows like a pro!

Go on, buy the best hotel-quality pillows for a luxurious night sleep.



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*According to Medical News Today.


11 Bed Pillows From Renowned Luxury Hotels That You Should Consider Buying

11 Bed Pillows From Renowned Luxury Hotels That You Should Consider Buying

Explore our hand-picked collection of plush hotel pillows and greet each morning feeling totally renewed. Made from the finest materials, The Ritz-Carlton pillow collection offers a variety of lofts, sizes, premium fills, and levels of support for truly indulgent sleep.

Resting your head for a good night sleep on a superior, calm, and easy feather pillow is simply irresistible.

No wonder hotels around the world are spending a fortune trying to find new and innovative ways to help you have a great night sleep. And you know the nostalgia that comes with it, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the same pillows for your accommodation needs including:

  • Luxury lodge
  • Boutique and lodge
  • Holiday park and campground
  • Holiday Home
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Apartment
  • Hostel
  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Homestay
  • Farmstay

Here’s a big idea:

You can easily buy these hotel quality pillows - the same type of pillow that is bound to your visitor an awesome sleep in your establishment.

Sounds good? Keep reading…

Let’s find out the best pillows from renowned hotels that you should consider buying for your visitors who need accommodation.

It’s the best way to help them wake up each morning feeling absolutely renewed.

Australian Linen Supply (ALS) sells hotel-quality pillows that are similar to many of the pillows mentioned in this article. You can see our full range of pillows in the product catalogue here.

1. Four Seasons Hotel Pillowtex

A side sleeper will love the Four Seasons Hotel Pillowtex because it is specially made side sleeper pillow. You can choose their White Goose Feather Pillows or their White Goose Down Pillows.

Here’s what you will instantly love about these two pillow types:

  • The softness of extra goose down
  • Overfilled for extra neck support
  • Double stitched to prevent overfill from bursting out
  • Perfectly balanced so your head sinks gently into the pillow

Quick tip: You can get pillows similar to these at Australian Linen Supply. Check out the pillows.

2. Marriott Hotel Feather and Down Pillow

The Marriott Hotel offers two types of pillows namely: The Marriott Feather Pillows and The Marriott Down Pillows. The shell comprises of 100% cotton. Thus, super absorbent to keep you dry all night.

These pillows are ideal for those guests who are stomach sleepers or back sleepers. However, they do not provide sufficient neck support for those people who sleep on their side.

But you can rest assured these pillows will offer a good night sleep to your hotel guests because they:

  • Come with a two-compartment system
  • Feature medium firmness
  • Contain feathers for support and structure
  • Contain goose down to increase the fluffy softness.
  • Inner core wrapped with soft allergen-free down for maximum head and neck support

Note: It is advisable to pair the Marriott Feather and Marriott Down pillows with a Marriott pillow protector for a superb pillow. And keep in mind that the down surround can sometimes be marketed as Touch of Down or DownAround.

Impressed? Now, you can get purchase high-quality feather duck down pillows at a very competitive price.

Feather Duck Down Pillow in Different Blends

3. Marriott Hotel Down Alternative Eco Pillow

If you have slept in any of the Marriott hotels, you may have noticed that they always provide an alternative pillow for side sleepers.

The Marriott down alternative eco pillow is usually the perfect pillow of choice for people who do not sleep either on their back or on their stomach. Also, those allergic to goose down will find this pillow appropriate.

Here’s what makes this hotel pillow a favourite:

  • Made from purely recycled products. Thus it is feather free and allergen free
  • Retains its shape and support much better than feather filled pillows
  • Has more bounce and fluffiness when fluffed
  • Made from woven cotton to protect you against moisture.

Still in the spirit of catching some quality sleep, take a look at these better sleep tips and learn from them.

4. MGM Grand Hotel Diamond Support Feather Pillow

Another excellent side sleeper pillow is the MGM Grand Diamond Support Feather Pillow. Certainly a must-have for a truly indulgent sleep.

This pillow contains 5% down and 95% feathers. And get this: a pillow with such ratio of down to feathers will give you a lot of support but lacks much softness.

Unfortunately, the quills do create a bumpy feel against your skin and you may find this feel annoying.

Therefore, to solve this problem, the MGM Grand Hotel came up with the Down Etc Pillow. This pillow comes with a double layer of quilted fabric thereby supplying a soft barrier between the pillow’s feathers and your skin

5. Ritz Carlton Hotel Tria All Down Pillow

Fancy buying the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Coast Feather Company Tria All Down Pillow?

This type of pillow is similar to the Pacific Coast Down Surround Pillow with the only difference being that it has more depth and loft. Thus, a best-suited pillow for side sleepers.

If you're looking for a pillow that will give offer your visitors comfort throughout the night, then this is the pillow to buy.

6. Westin Hotel White Goose Feather Blend Pillow

The Westin Hotel treats its guests to the White Goose Feather Blend Pillow to help make their hotel stay experience memorable.

Yet there are very few hotel pillows that can match this pillow softness.


Because it has a 50% down whereas most common pillows have just 25% down.

Wondering what’s down pillow? Check out this down pillow fact sheet.

Compared to other down pillows, the white goose down creates a wonderful loft and a better recovery during your sleep.

It is an excellent pillow for back sleepers and to some extent side sleepers.

Unfortunately, since it contains too much filler, those who sleep on their stomachs may find this pillow uncomfortable.

7. Ritz-Carlton Tuxedo Stripe Pillow

The Ritz-Carlton Tuxedo Stripe Pillow is made from pure cotton sateen fabric.

The fabric on the pillow comes with a white-on-white tuxedo stripe to create the Ritz-Carlton signature effect.

The pillow is made from feathers, down, and lyocell fibres that are natural and allergen-free.

8. The Renaissance Signature Down Eco Pillow

Treat your guests to a 5-star hotel experience with the Renaissance Signature Down Eco Pillow. The pillow consists of a down that is unrivalled and crisp 300-thread count sheets.

Need more ideas on how to make your accommodation rooms feel like a luxury hotel? Take a look at these easy ideas.

9. The Westin Ultra Luxe Plush Down Pillow

Beware! Your guests may find it hard to get out of bed if you buy the Westin Ultra-Luxe Plush Down Pillow.

Here’s why…

This type of pillow is good for all type of sleepers including back sleepers, side sleepers, and those who sleep on their stomach.

But really, which sleep position is best?

Watch this video to find out:

10. Hilton Hotel Down Pillow

Looking for a luxurious hotel pillow option for your Bed and Breakfast, or any other accommodation solution? Then think Hilton Hotel Down Pillow. And for good reasons including:

  • It’s made of cotton blended sateen that absorbs moisture thus keeping you fresh and dry all night long
  • Offers good neck support
  • Good choice for back sleeper and side sleepers

In fact, it is the sort of pillow that will treat your guests to weekend getaway like no other. These simple steps to getting a good night sleep will also help them sleep like royalty.

11. Gramercy Park Hotel EnviroLoft Down Alternative Pillow

Have you ever slept in one of the Gramercy Hotels? If you have, then you most likely slept on the EnviroLoft Fluffy Pillows.

These type of pillows are the most suitable for people with allergies because they are made from natural materials.

View our collection of luxurious, hotel-quality bed linens and pillows to boost your hotel rooms and accommodation. 



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Learn the Different Types of Bed Pillows Once and for All

Learn the Different Types of Bed Pillows Once and for All

Have you ever gone shopping for a pillow only to discover that you have too many options that it all becomes very confusing?

Shopping for pillows can be overwhelming because there are so many different types of pillows available. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Memory foam
  • Shredded memory foam
  • Microbead
  • Latex
  • Down
  • Water pillow
  • Body pillow, etc.

In short, the beddings market is saturated! But it doesn’t mean you can’t shop for the best pillows for your needs.

Did you know that there is no single type of pillow that will work for everybody? That is the reason why there are so many choices.

The pillows in the market today are usually categorised by the type of material used to fill them. The quality of the pillowcase fabric is an important feature of the pillow, but the pillow’s utility is defined by the material used to fill it.

Keep in mind that each pillow filling type will usually appeal to a unique group of shoppers.

Let’s look at a summary of the different pillow types and their features. Chiefly to give you a sense of what you might expect when you go home and sleep on it.

1. Memory Foam Pillows

The memory foam pillows are manufactured using polyurethane and other chemicals. Unfortunately, they’ve been said to emit a very strong chemical odour.

The fact that these pillows produce volatile organic compounds when one is sleeping has been well documented. This off-gassing property has also been seen in foam mattresses. Several industry studies have indicated that memory foam pillows can be toxic.

Irrespective of the toxicity, memory foam pillows are popular with users because they have a magical way of retaining the shape. People have been impressed by the way the pillow feels against their skin.

Recently, some sneaky marketers have tried to rebrand memory foam pillows as bamboo pillows. Unfortunately, there is no bamboo in memory foam pillows.

In view of this, before you buy this type of pillows, make sure you have read and understood the fine print. The only bamboo on the memory foam pillows is the rayon fabric that is used to cover them. Don't be tricked to buy these pillows thinking that they are eco-friendly.

Pros of Memory Foam Pillows:

  • Do not clump
  • Don’t require regular fluffing
  • Offer the best head and neck support in comparison to their competitors

Cons of Memory Foam Pillows:

  • Could emit a bad chemical odour
  • May have an off-gassing property
  • Aren’t mouldable and malleable
  • Loft can’t be easily adjusted
  • Sleeping on them can be uncomfortable during hot nights. The pillows build up the body heat and also retains it.

Only suitable for back sleepers. They maintain their shape and there is no way a stomach or a side sleeper can adjust the pillow lower or higher to suit their sleeping position.

2. Polyester Fill Pillows

Polyester fill pillows are also referred to as poly-fil. However, their trademark name is fiberfill. It is one of the economical pillow filler options.

Fiberfill will usually flatten out after it has been used for some time. And isn’t as durable as the other types of pillows.

Pros of polyester pillows:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean

Cons of polyester pillows:

  • Loses elasticity after a short period of use
  • Not as durable compared to other types of pillow fills

Only suitable for back and side sleepers (stomach sleepers can use the polyester filled pillow if it is not very thick)

3. Goose Down Pillows

A fill that has been made out of a bird’s inner plumage is called down. The bottom fluffy part of a bird feather is harnessed to create the fill material used on goose down pillows.

Down can hold its loft (fluffiness) for up to three times longer than all the other synthetic alternatives available. It is also very soft. The down considered to be of best quality is the Hungarian goose down, also popularly referred to as the European white goes down. This down is usually pure white and is larger than all the other types of down.

An authentic down pillow will contain down only. It will not have any other part of a bird’s feathers. Usually, you will find pillows in the market that feature both the feather and down fill.

While feathers are economical when looking for material to add to the volume of the pillow, the quills will soon start to stick out through the pillow’s cover and poke on your face as you sleep.

Therefore, it is recommended that you only buy pillows made of the highest-quality down because they are more durable.

You will soon realise that good quality down holds up better compared to its synthetic competitors. It usually wears out after serving you for about 4 years.

    Pros of Down Pillows:

    • Easily moulded - A down pillow will maintain its shape of a long period of time, offering your head and neck good support
    • Light and soft - Down pillows are usually very light and soft
    • Accommodates all sleeping positions - Down pillows work well side sleeper, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers, among others.

    Cons of Down Pillows:

    • Require regular fluffing so that they can maintain the loft
    • Complicated to wash
    • Not too many options to have a firm down pillow
    • Quality down pillows are very expensive

    Luxury Collection Soft Fill Pillow

    4. Feather Pillows

    “Fine feathers make fine birds” French Proverb

    Feather pillows are made up of feather quills filler material. These pillows are inexpensive compared to the down pillows. However, if not properly maintained, the quills will start to come out and may poke your face.

    It is advisable you spend some extra money and buy the real down pillows instead of investing in feather pillows that you will keep replacing every now and then.

    Unlike the down, feather pillows will naturally begin to align with each other as you sleep on the pillow over time. This alignment makes the pillow flat and uncomfortable after some time. To mitigate this problem, manufacturers usually add some down clusters to the feathers filler to slow down that degeneration.

    Pros of Feather Pillows:

    • Affordable
    • Light and soft just like the down

    Cons of Feather Pillows:

    • May give off some unpleasant and lingering odour
    • Require regular fluffing to maintain the loft due to the fact that the quills start flattening immediately after you start sleeping on them
    • Tough to clean

    The pillows are only suitable for back and side sleepers.

    5. Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

    As the name suggests, the shredded memory foam pillows are just memory foams that have been turned into tiny chunks that form a filler for the pillows.

    The individual chunk in the foam moves around the pillow independently thus making it mouldable. You can shape the shredded foam fill of the pillow into whichever shape you find suitable.

    Most people who have tested the shredded memory foam pillows have found them superior compared to the traditional foam memory pillows.

    Pros of Shredded Memory Foam Pillows:

    • Do not clump
    • Do not require regular fluffing
    • Offers good head and neck support
    • Allow more room for breathability compared to the more solid memory foam pillow

    Cons of Shredded Memory Foam Pillows:

    • Too soft for stomach sleepers
    • May have an off-gassing property just like the memory foam pillows
    • Can be uncomfortable to sleep on during hot nights because they build up and retain your body heat

    Only suitable for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers will have a hard time due to the foam pushing upwards to the face making these type of pillows uncomfortable.

    6. Buckwheat Pillows

    Most people have come to prefer buckwheat pillows because they are all-natural and old-fashioned. The Buckwheat pillow filler does not release any form of gas.

    Pros of Buckwheat Pillows:

    • Offers superior neck and head support
    • Promote airflow and are more breathable compared to their competitors
    • Last longer
    • Mouldable and malleable thus hold their shape to offer better support for your head, shoulders and neck
    • Made of natural and compostable materials
    • Suitable for all kind of sleepers including the back, stomach, and side sleepers

    Cons of Buckwheat Pillows:

    • Makes a rustling noise when moved or shifted by the user
    • Are a little bit too heavy since a 20 by 26-inch pillow can weigh as much as 3.6 kilograms
    • Are a little bit too firm for some people

    7. Microbead Pillows

    The microbead pillows are filled with a material called uniform polymer particles. As the name suggests, the particles look like little white beads.

    The uniform polymer particles are a synthetic alternative to the Buckwheat pillows but they share a lot of similar characteristics. For example, they both allow airflow and they are somewhat malleable.

    Amongst the microbead pillows, is one known as Sobakawa Cloud Pillow. The name “Sobakawa” can be used interchangeably with Buckwheat irrespective of the fact that this pillow does not have any Buckwheat particles.

    Most of the users who have reviewed the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow complain that it flattens after prolonged use and that it is too firm.

    Pros of Microbead Pillows:

    • Breathable hence keeps cool as you sleep at night
    • Malleable: holds its shape and loft thus offers good head, neck, and shoulder support

    Cons of Microbead Pillows:

    • May have an off-gassing property
    • No varieties of microbead pillows available i.e. most of these pillows are either medium firm or medium loft
    • May not be as durable as the others

    Only suitable for back sleepers. They don’t have the loft adjustability to make them suitable for all types of sleeping positions.

    Medium Firm Pillow 700gms

    8. Latex Pillows

    Latex pillows give great support for your head and neck while retaining the soft feel that can only be found with cotton or wool fill.

    The latex pillows are breathable and therefore maintain a cool surface to rest your tired head.

    The latex pillows have started to rival down pillows in popularity because they are impressive in how they allow you to rest throughout the night.

    Pros of Latex Pillows:

    • Offer awesome support
    • Are semi-breathable so you stay cool throughout the night

    Cons of Latex Pillows:

    • Could emit some mild rubbery odour
    • Are not mouldable hence no matter how hard you try to mould them, they will spring back to their original shape
    • A little bit too heavy and dense to be considered cuddly

    Only suitable for back and side sleepers. They are not recommended for stomach sleepers because they have a higher loft than the average pillow.

    9. Water Pillows

    With water pillows, the filler material is water. A water pillow is simply a plastic reservoir that is wrapped using a polyester foam or fibre fill.

    Water pillows are popular because they offer unchanging and solid support. The water pillows are surprisingly effective in how they give you a good night sleep.

    Pros of Water Pillows:

    • Support - As long as you have properly filled the water into the polyester wrapping, water pillows will give your head elevated support throughout the night
    • Pain relief - A Johns Hopkins University study has revealed evidence of the benefits of using a water pillow in releasing neck and head pains
    • Easily adjustable - This is a big one because it is very hard to find a pillow that is easily adjustable especially on its thickness or thinness. As long as you know how to refill the water into the polyester material, you can easily adjust the size of the water pillow

    Cons of Water Pillows:

    • Not mouldable - Water cannot be turned or shaped. However much you try to mould the pillow, it will always spring back to its original shape. In short, water will take the shape of the material you put it into.
    • Wrapped in too soft fibre fill - Some of the water pillows will be covered with a fibre fill that is too soft. The soft fill may awkwardly push upward into the side of your face while you sleep.
    • The potential for leaks - There's nothing as annoying as sleeping on a flat pillow that has leaked water onto your mattress. The mattress will be wet and the pillow will be flat.

    Water pillows are best suited for only back sleepers. However, side sleepers might use them as well if the loft is adjustable to their preference.

    Here’s an interesting pillow showing you how to get started with a water pillow. 

    10. Kapok Pillows

    Kapok is a tropical tree that is native to Mexico. It is also referred to as Ceiba Pentandra. When the tree flowers, it produces some fluffy cotton like material that contains hundreds of seeds. This material is light brown in colour and soft. This has led it to be called the silk cotton.

    The peculiar qualities of the Kapok tree have made it popular as a fill material in life preservers, pillows, and upholstery. Although its use has declined since the polyester and polyurethane foams were introduced, it has recently started experiencing a revival due to its all-natural characteristics.

    Pros of Kapok Pillows:

    • The materials used as filler in the pillow are all natural and free from toxicity
    • Unlike the feathers and down pillows which are extracted from animals, the Kapok materials are naturally harvested from plants
    • The material in Kapok pillows is biodegradable and compostable

    The pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions. Since the pillowcases come with a zippered opening, you can add or remove the fill as you find suitable for your sleeping position.

    Cons of Kapok Pillows:

    • Can be highly flammable
    • Can develop lumps that are not comfortable to sleep on. (Just like the polyester foam pillows)
    • Mouldable and does not hold its shape for long

    11. Wool Pillows

    Wool has breathable and insulating characteristics that make it suitable for use in different products.

    For thousands of years, wool has been used to make products such as clothing, carpets, upholstery, blankets, and other insulating materials.

    However, wool has not been used extensively as a filler material in pillows because it has a tendency to clump into balls making the pillow inconsistent and lumpy.

    Pros of Wool Pillows:

    • Non-toxic; wool comes from sheep
    • Breathable; can absorb large amounts of moisture vapour and allow it to evaporate

    Cons of Wool Pillows:

    • Can produce foul odours in humid environments
    • Becomes lumpy and uncomfortable after frequent use
    • Not mouldable and cannot hold its shape like the buckwheat and down pillows
    • Some people consider using wool inhumane

    13. Cotton Pillows

    Cotton is a popular material for making all manner of clothing. You would think that cotton filled pillows are popular. Unfortunately, new synthetic pillow memory foams and polyfill have changed the market for cotton. Cotton has been relegated to a distant third in the pillow filling market.

    This notwithstanding, a cotton pillow is preferable because it is safe and it is a better alternative to petroleum-based filling materials which have the potential to be toxic.

    Pros of Cotton Pillows:

    • They are safe. Cotton has no known toxic materials like those found in other foam pillows
    • It is odour free
    • It breathable, thus providing a cooling effect unlike other types of pillows
    • It is cruelty-free unlike wool and down pillows
    • It is biodegradable and compostable, hence environment-friendly

    It can be used for all sleeping positions since it has a zippered opening where one can add filler material as he sees fit

    Cons of Cotton Pillows:

    • Upon use, it flattens and clumps
    • It is not mouldable and thus can’t hold shape
    • Unlike other types of pillows, it can’t give effective support to the head and neck

    This guide has a lot of information to process, but it is important to know the quality of the pillow you buy. Remember that you will spend approximately 8 hours every day lying on that pillow. By choosing the right pillow, you are guaranteeing your guests and yourself a good night sleep.



    Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

    Best Pillows That Matches Your Sleeping Positions

    Best Pillows That Matches Your Sleeping Positions

    A couple of factors affect how well you sleep each night. Your bed pillow included.

    Getting the wrong pillow will intensify your neck, head, and shoulder pains. Therefore, you should take the time to determine which pillow is best suited for your sleeping habits.

    Getting high-quality pillows that match your personal needs will ensure that you have a good night sleep. Moreover, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.

    How to Find Your Preferred Sleeping Position

    The first thing before you even think about buying a pillow is to determine your preferred sleeping position.

    Some people sleep on their back while others sleep on their side and still others sleep on their stomach.

    Knowing the position that you tend to sleep in is important when picking the right pillow.

    You will need to spend a couple of nights trying to discover your favourite sleeping position. Most people have a pretty good idea of the sleeping position that they prefer.

    However, if unsure, you will need to spend a few days trying to confirm that indeed that is your preferred position.

    When you go to bed, spend a few minutes on your side, and then on your back, and finally on your stomach.

    Which of these positions feel most comfortable to you?

    If you find that you have spent at least half an hour on your stomach position and have not yet fallen asleep, it is not your preferred sleeping position.

    Again, you need to take note of your wake up every morning. Write down the positions that you wake up in for several days and then compare them. If there is an emerging trend, that is your preferred sleeping position.

    Settle on a Preferred Sleeping Position

    After spending some time thinking, tabulating and discovering your preferred sleeping position, it is time for you to settle on one position. This is a very important decision as it will determine the type of pillow that you select for your bed.

    What is the Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers?

    If you find that you are a stomach sleeper, then your pillow should be fairly flat and soft. Sometimes, you may not need a pillow at all.

    Having a light, flat, and soft pillow allows your neck to be better aligned with your spine.

    Luxury Collection Soft Pillow

    What is the Best Pillow for Back Sleepers?

    If you discover that you sleep on your back, then you need a medium-firm pillow

    You need to take care and ensure that it is not too thick because it might push your head a little bit too far forward.

    The pillow must also not be too soft to prevent your head from sinking down towards the mattress. Therefore a pillow that is thick and firm at its bottom will give your neck the support that it needs

    What is the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers?

    If you discover that your most preferred sleeping position is on the side, you will need a firm and thick pillow to help support your neck.

    What is the Best Pillow for Mixed Sleepers

    Sometimes, you will find that your preferred sleeping position is a combination of the 3 sleeping positions discussed above.

    You will find out that there are many positions that are comfortable for you throughout the night.

    If that is the case, find a medium thick pillow which is a bit soft so that you can shape it to suit the different positions that you find comfortable throughout the night.

    Medium Firm Pillow 700gms

    How to Choose Your Pillow Filling

    There are many different types of pillow filling each with their unique features. Some bad. Some good.

    Therefore, if you have any medical issues such as asthma, chronic neck pain, allergies, or a headache, you will need to find the appropriate pillow filling material. You must also get a filling material that is dust and mites proof.

    Again, you will need to decide which kind of pillow your budget allows. Some fillings are more expensive than others.

    Down and Feather Filling

    These two types of pillow fillings are closely related. They are typically made from the inner feather plumage of ducks or geese. You can choose the pillow filling with the plumage that you prefer.

    Remember that more firmness is suitable for side sleepers compared to the less firmness that is suitable for stomach and back sleepers.

    Pillows made from both down filling and feather filling are resilient and can last up to ten years. They allow air to flow because they are made of natural material.

    However similar these two types of pillow fillings are, there are some slight differences.

    Take a look at the table below to

    Down Pillow Filling Feather Pillow Filling
    Soft and light grouping of fibres from goose, duck, or swan. Located near the chest Soft and fluffy. Comes from the wing and back feathers of geese or ducks.
    Don’t retain their shape longer Retain their shape longer
    More of a cluster Flatter, heavier, and contains quill
    You’ll sleep more in the pillow You’ll sleep more on the pillow
    More expensive Less expensive
    Lasts longer Wears down quickly
    Soft throughout  Feather quill would pierce through the pillow cover and poke on your face


    There is no scientific evidence that proves that either down or feather pillows make your allergies and asthma worse but there's a good number of people who prefer to avoid these type of pillows.

    If you have a soft spot for the animals, you might wish to keep off the down and feather pillows for ethical and humane reasons.

    You might also have conditions like asthma and allergies that will prevent you from buying this type of pillows.

    If that is the case, then there are a couple of synthetic versions of pillow fillings that are available.

    Keep reading to find out…

    1. Wool and Cotton Filling

    Wool and cotton are traditionally the common materials that have been used to fill pillows and make all other types of linens.

    Wool and cotton pillow filling is particularly suitable for people suffering from severe allergies because these pillows are dust, mites, and mould resistant. 

    Pillows filled with either wool or cotton tend to be very firm and are therefore not suitable for stomach sleepers.

    If you're a stomach sleeper but still want to buy a pillow that is hypoallergenic, you will have to find very thin wool or cotton pillow. Alternatively, you can open the zip on the pillow and remove some of the filler.

    2. Latex Filling

    Latex is a material extracted from the sap of the rubber trees. It is elastic and resilient.

    Latex has been found to be suitable for people suffering from allergy because it is mould resistant.

    Its pillows are cooler than the memory foam pillows.

    The latex pillows come in all sizes and shapes and they can either be used as solid cores or shredded material when filling the pillows.

    The only disadvantage of latex foam filling is that it:

    • Doesn't give as much support as memory foam pillows
    • Is expensive and heavy
    • Doesn’t change shape (if you wake up frequently to shape your pillows, then latex pillows are not suitable for you)

    2. Memory Foam Filling

    Memory foam filling is made using polyurethane which is further mixed with some other chemicals.

    Memory foam pillows come in different sizes and shapes including ones that are uniquely shaped like the S-shaped pillows.

    They give great support for people with neck, jaw, and shoulder problems. Memory foam pillows are long-lasting and great at forming the contours around your neck and head.

    If you are looking for a memory foam pillow, ensure that you get the high-density one because it doesn't get torn easily.

    Unfortunately, the memory foam material retains a lot of heat and does not allow air to circulate freely. For this reason, it gets uncomfortable sleeping on it, especially on hot summers.

    Also, if you move around quite frequently when sleeping, this pillow is not suitable for you because it doesn't mould into different shapes. It also has some unpleasant odour when it is new but the smell goes away after some use.

    Speciality Pillows

    There are some health conditions and sleeping habits that may put normal pillow use out of reach. While everybody would love to have just a normal pillow, this might not be the best choice.

    There are some speciality pillows that might help with your health conditions and sleeping habits but the claims that the pillows are special by their manufacturers have not been backed by research yet.

    Special pillows can also be quite expensive to the average buyer. There are different categories of speciality pillows and some of the examples are listed below:

    • Positional pillow - This is an n-shaped pillow that the manufacturers claim can help people suffering from medical conditions such as sleep apnea. The manufacturers also say that the pillow can help the sleeper to reduce turning and tossing throughout the night.
    • Cervical pillows - This type of pillows are said to provide extra support to the lower part of your neck. They are said to help reduce neck tensions and severe headaches. Unfortunately, there has not been any sufficient evidence and research to back up this claim.
    • Anti-snore pillows - If you have a spouse who snores at night, then these anti- snore pillows are said to help. They position the head properly so that the airway is opened thus mitigating snoring. The pillows help by lifting the chin away from the chest.
    • Cool pillows - These pillows are said to be helpful when sleeping during the hot summer. They are said to absorb excess heat in order to keep you feeling cool throughout the night. They come with fillings that absorb the heat. Although everybody can use them, they are particularly suitable for people experiencing hot flashes.
    • Oxygen pillows - They’re designed to help increase oxygen circulation. The free flow of the air will help you to breathe deeply and freely as you sleep. There have been some users who claim that the pillows help relieve pain but doctors are not sure how or why this technology works.

    How to Test Out Different Pillows

    1. Read the Online Reviews Before You Buy Any Pillow

    Once you have determined that a certain pillow is right for you, you need to go online and check what people are saying about it.

    If you have determined that a speciality pillow such as cooling or anti-snoring pillow is the way to go, ensure that the pillow has the quality the marketers say it does. Mostly by reading online reviews.

    2. Price Should Not Be the Sole Determinant of Choice

    “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Warren Buffett

    It is amazing that the best pillow for your sleeping position might not be the most expensive one. Try out different pillows in different price ranges to determine the one that is best suited for your needs.

    3. Try Lying Down on the Pillow

    Most shops that sell pillows also stock mattresses. You need to try out the pillow sleeping in different positions to determine if it is good for you. Lie down for a few minutes because this will give you the most realistic idea on whether a pillow is suitable for you or not.

    4. Try Out the Pillow Against the Wall

    Sometimes it might not be possible to try out the pillow when lying down on a mattress. If that is the case, try standing next to a wall in your favourite sleeping position to see if the pillow will work out.

    Note that you should place the pillow against the wall near your head. Your pillow must help align your body, neck and spine.

    Sometimes it might not be possible for you to tell if your neck and spine are properly aligned and this is why you need to bring a friend along when shopping for a pillow.

    4. Get Trials Periods and Money Back Guarantees

    A serious pillow shop will most likely give you money back guarantee or a trial period to try out the pillow and decide if it’s suitable for you.

    Some shops will allow you to return the pillow if it doesn't work out for you but, you’ll have to replace it with another pillow instead of them refunding the money.

    Good night. Sweet Dreams

    A good bed pillow is a necessary companion for a good night sleep. Luckily, you now know how to choose the best pillows for your needs (having read our pro tips).

    Therefore, without further ado, snag your favourite pillow and catch some refreshing sleep tonight. Sweet dreams...ZZZ