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9 Stylish Ways to Fold Your Hotel Towels

9 Stylish Ways to Fold Your Hotel Towels

When guests visit your hotel, you want them to leave with a lasting impression. Right from the time they arrive at the hotel to the time they reach their rooms, they need to experience the “wow” factor.

The “wow” factor is easy to achieve depending on how you present the little intimate details. This includes how you make beds, vacuum, clean bathrooms, and other tiny details.

One of the tiny details that have a big impact on satisfaction is the folding of the guests’ towels. The way you present their towels can create an instant feeling of luxury or neglect.

In many of the best hotels, staff learn to display towels in different attractive shapes and sizes. The end result is a work of art by the hoteliers which adds a touch of class and elegance.

So, how do you fold your hotel towels and leave a lasting impression? Here are nine different ways to make your guests’ towels bring a smile to their faces:

Towel Origami

white towel origami
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Decorative towel folding is a unique form of art. You can fold towels in various ways to create all sorts of beautiful shapes.

Towel origami is good for impressing guests in the hotel or giving towels as a gift. The interesting bit is that anyone can learn towel origami.

There are a variety of origami forms including boats, pinwheels, and hearts. Tips on making and folding origami towels are accessible here.

Pocket and Fan Hanging Towel

The Pocket and Fan towel fold involves folding a towel lengthwise and crosswise. The idea is to form a pocket at the bottom of the towel. This is the side facing the guest. This fold is best on a hand towel.

After that, shape a washcloth in the form of a fan and tuck it into the pocket. You can also make a handtowel with washcloth roll.

Fold the washcloth like an accordion. Then fold it in half and open the folded cloth in the form of a seashell shape. Place the shell you make on the folded hand towel and open it on a diagonal. This will give an inviting touch to your powder room.

Animal Towel Art

How to make a towel mouse
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Guests’ children get excited by very simple things like animal towel art. You can fold towels into shapes like butterflies, elephants, and bunnies. Not only is Animal Towel Art interesting - anyone can do it.

The various animals' can even have accessories. This can be things like orchids and local flowers to add style. It’s such an easy way to increase the guests’ satisfaction. Towel animals are really easy to make. Try it today in your establishment and see for yourself.

Romantic Towel Swans

The Romantic Swan Fold is a bath towel folding design often on cruise ships or in resort hotels. It takes only one minute to do the fold and it’s ideal for adding colour to a honeymoon suite.

To make the swans, fold the bath towel in a diagonal manner from both ends, then curl into an S-shape. Next, the fan-style fold makes the washcloth into elegant wings. Repeat the exact process with the second towel to form the second swan.

Position the two so that they rest beak-to-beak and create a heart-shape with their necks.

This is towel origami that you can easily use for your own bathroom at home.

Spa Towel Roll

If you offer massages and facials at your hotels, you need towels for guests. Keep in mind that guests’ expectations at hotel spas are high. Spa towel rolls aim to create an attractive towel basket in the bathroom.

To make the Spa Towel Roll, start by folding a bath towel once over, width-wise. If the towel is large, you’ll repeat this fold. After that, roll up the towel, ensuring it is tight and even. When you roll your towels, place them in a decorative basket, and add more towels of various sizes.

Your decorative basket of fresh linen will take you less than a minute per towel to arrange. This one can be an everyday task. In fact, it even takes less time than ordinary towel folding.

Simple things like spa towels displays are a highlight in an individual’s spa experience. Despite being a quick and easy fold, a spa towel roll still provides the elegance guests look for in spas.

Trifold For Stacked Towels

Consider folding bath and hand towels in your hotel into tri-folds. This gives your hotel a neat, and orderly look all the time.

To achieve this, fold your bath and hand towels into thirds on the vertical side. Do the same on the horizontal side. You can follow the Towel Tri-fold Stack illustration here.

The folds make sure that the edges of the towel are invisible and not sticking out on the sides. The neat rolls and tucks ensure your towels maintain a fluffy and rounded appealing look.

Towel Cake

cake towel diagram
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Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they find a cake made of towels on their bed. Towel cakes are ideal for all sorts of occasions, including bridal shower favours, baby shower gifts, and as decorations in honeymoon suites.

To create a beautiful fluffy cake, you will need two large bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Place the towels horizontally on a flat surface, and then fold them lengthwise.

Start with one end and roll up the towel. Repeat for all the towels. To secure the towels, you can use pins or tie satin ribbons. Put the large towel rolls down first, add the second layer of hand towel rolls, and finish with the washcloth rolls at the top.

To complete the fold, add some rose petals on the top. Some hoteliers use lace, ribbons, and pearl sprays to complete the decoration on the cake. Check out this handy Towel Cake How-To guide.

Towel Couch

towel couch diagram
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The towel couch is simple to make and is perfect for hotel rooms. You can use them to add small welcome notes for guests, toiletries and other small items in a creative way.

You can achieve this fold with three large towels. Fold the towels in half and roll them tightly. Place two towel rolls next to each other and the third one at the back.

Keep soaps and other toiletries on the towel rolls placed side-by-side. You can get a tutorial on the Towel Couch fold here.

Towel Rose

You can fold towels that come in different colours to make beautiful roses. The roses amplify the romantic atmosphere of any room. To make a rose towel, you will need colourful towels and faux stems or leaves.

Place a towel horizontally on a flat surface and fold it up on the long side. Next, fold one corner of the towel down, and from this side, roll the towel once towards the centre. Here is how to fold an Origami Towel Rose.

Twist the leftover part of the towel once. Roll over this twisted section until there is no more towel to roll. Tuck in the last part into the fold reproduced from twisting.

Repeat the process for three more flowers. After that, add decoration with pretty pink pins to hold the roses together. To make leaves, use small hand towels or artificial leaves.

NB: The fabric of the towels you use will affect the folds. If it is thin and falls apart easily starch and iron it prior to use for perfect results. Or even better, use high-quality towels and bath linen from a good supplier.

Your Choice of Towels Affects The Folds

Regardless of how you fold the towel, the “wow” factor really comes down to the quality of the bath linen. Which is why high-end hotels and resorts always use high-end bath linen.

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