Is Colourful or White Table Linen Better for Your Restaurant?

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There are many important decisions a restaurant owner has to make. One of them is the colour of the table linen they will use.

Tables are much more than functional pieces in a restaurant; they have an aesthetic value.

A key element of decor in any restaurant is the linen used on tables. It sends a powerful message to your guests about the service and dining experience to expect.

To gain a competitive edge over your competitors, pay attention to your table linen.

In a study on how tablecloths affect food perceptions, participants attributed the use of tablecloths to the following:

  1. Their preference for the appetiser, consuming the first course upon arrival and the general quality of the meal.
  2. Better service, ambience and overall experience at the restaurant.
  3. Three-quarters of the participants involved considered the table linen an important element when indulging at the restaurant.

Who knew tablecloths could have such an enormous impact?

No wonder choosing a colour for your tablecloths can be difficult! There’s so much to consider.

Let’s explore the benefits of colourful and white table linen.

Benefits of Coloured Table Linen

blue and white tableclothImage from: Peggy_Marco

What’s in a colour?

It Has a Psychological Effect

Colour affects the choice of food and money spent at a restaurant.

Colourful tablecloths create an impression on guests with little effort. It also influences moods by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that puts guests at ease.

When people relax at a restaurant, they stay there longer and often spend more money. This makes colour great for business.

It Is Conspicuous

Coloured linen is eye-catching and grabs your attention from a distance. It transforms not only the dinner tables but also the room.

Keep colour theory in mind when picking coloured linen. For instance, to achieve a dramatic look, combine red and black or burgundy and gold.

If balanced well, your coloured linen can be a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Creates a Signature Look

Pick table linen in colours that match your brand. This will create a signature look that is memorable to your guests.

The colours of your linens should complement and not clash with your brand colours. This will make it easy for guests to identify your brand.

Benefits of White Table Linen

Timeless and Trendy

White linen gives a restaurant a fashionable look. It’s simple, classic and never goes out of style no matter the season.

It’s also versatile, which gives you a wide selection of aesthetic options. You can accessorise your white table linen to suit your desired setting.

Easy to Maintain

White linen doesn’t fade and gives the appearance of freshness. You don’t have to worry about the risk of your linen fading from several washes.

It’s easy to replace white table linen after wear and tear. The risk of not getting an exact match and having different shades of white is minimal.

Easy to Clean

Table linen in a restaurant is washed daily to keep them clean and spotless. This is especially important for white linen.

White linen is easy to clean as one load in the washing machine. You don’t have to worry about the threat of colour running.

Although white napkins and tablecloths are prone to stains, it is easy to spot the stains. Here are five steps to treat stains on your linen:

  • Step 1. Get rid of the stains while they are still fresh.
  • Step 2. Pour some powdered artificial sweetener on the stain. If you don’t have this, use lemon juice. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the stained part of the fabric.
  • Step 3. Take a basin of hot water and soak the pre-treated table linen for at least eight hours.
  • Step 4. Run the soaked linen on a short cycle in hot water in your washing machine. Don’t use the long cycle, as this will add pressure on the already delicate linen and weaken the fabric further.
  • Step 5. Hang it outside in the sun without wringing. Wringing will cause wrinkles.

Other Factors to Consider

You can’t pick table linen for your restaurant without bearing in mind the following:

The Theme of the Restaurant

Linen sends a message to guests about the elegance of the meal or how casual it will be. It needs to match the theme of your restaurant, which can either be casual (informal) or fine dining (formal).

Coloured table linen goes best with a casual theme. Don’t shy away from using tablecloths with bold colours, patterns and shapes. It creates some visual interest.

If your restaurant has a formal theme, use a monochromatic colour scheme such as white.

White brings out the elegant, fine dining look of a formal setting. Match white tablecloth with white napkins or a subtle pastel colour.

The Shape of Tables

Tablecloths are available in a variety of shapes, such as rectangle, square and round. Choose those that match the shape of your tables.

If you’re setting up a buffet table, table skirtsare a better option than tablecloths. You can also use overlays if you want an elegant look.

Australian Linen Supply stocks quality tablecloths, skirts and overlays of different shapes.

Here are some samples:

Black Square Tablecloth

Black Square Tablecloth

Spun Polyester Dress and Fitted Cloth

Spun Polyester Dress and Fitted Cloth

Round Tablecloth

Round Tablecloth

Table Overlay

Table Overlay

The Size of the Tables

Pick the right size of the tablecloths to match your tables. The sight of a loose-fitting tablecloth is unappealing.

To find out the size of the tablecloth to buy, measure the length and width of your table. Then add twice the desired drop to each dimension.

For instance, the length of your table could be 60 centimetres wide and 120 centimetres long. You would like a 25 centimetre drop on each side, so you will add 50 centimetres to each dimension.

60cm + 25cm = 85cm wide

120cm + 25cm = 145cm long

In a formal setting, tablecloths should hang down between 25cm to 30cm. For a casual setting, your tablecloth should hang down between 15cm to 20cm.

The Fabric of the Tablecloth

Choose quality tablecloths that protect your furniture and add ambience to the restaurant.

Table linen is in use daily. Its fabric should be easy to wash, withstand several washes and wrinkle resistant.

Go for natural fibres such as cotton or linen. They are durable, absorbent, and have a luxurious look. Linen is a common material for tablecloths and napkins.

If you have a buffet table, consider placing a skirt on it made of polyester. Buffets are prone to a lot of spillages and you need a fabric that is easy to clean and durable.

At this point, setting tables with colourful or white table linen should be a piece of cake to you, right? Go ahead and impress your guests!

For all your table linen needs, head over to Australian Linen Supply today!

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The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Hotel Tablecloths

restaurant white tablecloth setup

You've already nailed your menu with signature dishes. Now it’s time to focus on your hotel’s decor so you can set the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and stopped at the sight of a hotel's stunning decor? That’s exactly how every hotel owner wants to make guests feel when they come to their establishment.

One of the things that can help you achieve the right look is a beautiful tablecloth

The market has a wide variety of tablecloths. This makes shopping for the right one a difficult task.

While you can choose to shop blindly, you'll have better success if you know what to look for. This will save you time and money.

To start with, you need to understand the importance of tablecloths for any hotel. This will help you make an informed choice when purchasing them.

  • They protect the dining table from stains and scratches.
  • They are part of the decor, thus adding to the ambience of the hotel.
  • They create a premium look and feel to your hotel, which gives you the ability to charge a higher price for the services you offer.

With that said, you need tablecloths with style. Australian Linen Supply will meet all your needs. They stock a variety of commercial tablecloths ideal for hotels.

Check out their collection today!

When purchasing tablecloths, there are several things you need to pay attention to:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Fabric
  • Design

Let’s have a look at each of these.

1. The Colour of Your Tablecloths

White is a common choice of tablecloth colour in most hotels, especially in fine dining. There are many benefits to this timeless colour:

  • It is easy to wash all your tablecloths at once since you don’t have to worry about the risk of running colours.
  • Maintaining cleanliness is easy. You can spot dirt and stains on white tablecloths.
  • White is readily available, unlike coloured tablecloths, which may vary in shades.
  • You can accessorise white tablecloths in versatile ways. For example, use overlays, centrepieces or table runners of different colours and patterns.

If you have a casual setting at your hotel, coloured and patterned tablecloths are a good choice. They help match the theme of the setting.

You can also add colour to your dinner tables using overlays. This is common when hosting a wedding or a cocktail party.

Watch this video and learn how to use overlays:

ALS stocks tablecloths and overlays of different colours. Here are some samples:

Blue Small Square Tablecloth

Ivory Small Square Tablecloth

Table Overlay

White Square Tablecloth

2. The Size of Your Tablecloths

Your tablecloths should fit the dinner tables. Know the sizes of your tables before shopping for tablecloths.

Tablecloths should be larger than the dinner tables they are covering. If not, you will end up exposing certain parts of your table. However, avoid oversized tablecloths, as they look awkward and out of place.

Factor in the drop you need depending on the occasion. A drop is the length of a tablecloth that hangs below the surface of the table.

There are three kinds of drops for tablecloths:

  • Full drop. Common for formal settings, such as when hosting banquet weddings at your hotel. The drop goes down to the height of the table.
  • Half drop. Often used in casual settings. The drop goes down to the lap and is usually 15-20 centimetres long.
  • Puddle drop. Used in elegant settings. The drop goes down to the floor beyond the height of the table.

To calculate the drop, take the length of your tablecloth (L) and subtract your table’s height (H) then divide by 2. Drop = (L-H) ÷ 2

3.The Shape of Your Tables

Keep in mind the shape of your tables when buying tablecloths. Table shapes and tablecloths go hand in hand.

  • Round table: Use round or square tablecloths.
  • Rectangular Table: Use a rectangular tablecloth.
  • Square table: Use a square tablecloth.
  • Oval table: Use oval or rectangular tablecloths.

4. The Fabric of the Tablecloth

Tablecloths in a hotel undergo several washings because of daily use. Their fabric withstands the wear and tear.

Cotton is a common material for tablecloths. It is affordable, absorbent, and durable. It is also easy to maintain and great for fine dining.

Polyester is another good choice of fabric for tablecloths. It is like cotton in many ways but shines more. It is ideal for outdoor dining.

Consider tablecloths made of a blend of cotton and polyester. That way, you reap the benefits of both fabrics.

If your hotel is a casual eatery, use tablecloths made of linen. They are resistant to stains and wrinkles.

For formal dining, choose tablecloths made of silk. They are ideal for creating a luxurious look.

However, silk is a delicate fabric and difficult to maintain. Use silk tablecloths only on special occasions.

Always buy commercial tablecloths. They can withstand wear and tear and are durable. You can find these from Australia Linen Supply. They are a trusted brand.

5. The Design of Tablecloths

Different designs of tablecloths help you achieve different looks. Many hotels prefer white or ivory for a formal setting.

If you are hosting a casual event, such as a cocktail or birthday party, use patterned tablecloths.

Transform the vibe of your dinner tables by matching your tablecloths with napkins. For a bold and modernlook, use tablecloths of bold prints and rustic napkins.

Seasonal holidays, such as Christmas, give you the opportunity to use coloured tablecloths. Use colours that match the theme of the season.

christmas dining tableImage from: Petr Kratochvil

How to Care for Your Tablecloths

Even the best tablecloths made of high-quality linen still need some TLC. When tablecloths are cared for properly they serve you longer and give you better value for your money.

Here are some ways to take care of your tablecloths:

Stain removal

  • If they have any stains, strive to get rid of the marks while they are still fresh. When stains set in, it becomes difficult to remove them.
  • Use artificial sweeteners to cover the stained tablecloth immediately. This will prevent the stain from leaving a permanent mark.


  • First, soak the stained tablecloth in hot water overnight or for eight hours.
  • Run the soaked tablecloths on a short cycle using hot water in your washing machine. Avoid using the long cycle, as this will add to the wear and tear.


  • If the tablecloth is white, hang it out in the sun. Don’t hang coloured tablecloths under the sun. Ensure there is a shade.
  • Always hang your tablecloths without wringing them to avoid wrinkles.


  • If possible, keep your tablecloths without folding. Instead, roll them and store them.
  • Iron your tablecloths before use. When doing so, do not starch them because they already have a natural crispness. If you are using them for fine dining, starch them.
  • Ensure the tablecloths are damp before ironing them. This will remove all creases during ironing. Always iron your tablecloths inside out.

Watch this video to see additional ways of caring for your tablecloths:

Let’s Wrap up

To run a successful hotel, you need to pay attention to the little details. One of these includes the choice of tablecloths for your premises.

Tablecloths are an investment worth making. Use them to create an inviting atmosphere for your hotel.

Invest in different tablecloths to suit different settings. Guests like to have new experiences every time they visit your hotel. This also means repeat business for you.

Use the information we have provided and implement what you think works best for your hotel.

Spoilt for choice? Start with white quality tablecloths available at Australian Linen Supply. You can expect friendly customer service and delivery within Australia.

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How to Keep Allergies at Bay in Your Hotel

white bed sheet linen

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), over 50 million allergic cases are reported in America each year, and allergic illnesses are among the rapidly growing chronic conditions in Australia.

As a hotel owner, being in control of allergens can improve your guest experience. Pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mould, and mildew spores could be causing allergic reactions in your guests.

Hotel bedding is a hotbed for dust mites, which are the most significant contributors to allergens. Allergy sufferers wake up feeling tired and itchy or have runny noses and start sneezing after sleeping in a hotel room with allergens.

To protect your guests from allergies, hotel owners should use ALS high-quality bed and bath linen that keeps allergies at bay in guest rooms.

10 Ways to Keep Allergies at Bay in Your Hotel

1. Use High-Quality Bed Linen

Hotel bedding is a hub for many allergens, like dust mites. ALS bed linen and products are hypoallergenic and can prevent dust mites from finding their way on to the guest's skin.

Dust mites are tiny insects that are invisible to the eyes. They feed on human skin flakes and are prevalent in mattresses, pillows, carpets, and bed covers.

Guests are always on the lookout for allergy-free rooms. You can exceed their expectations by protecting the bedding with dust-proof bed covers and pillow protectors from ALS that seal in any dust mites or allergies living inside the mattress.

When humans sleep, they sweat and shed about 1 gram of skin cells in a day. According to estimates, there are about ten million dust mites in a mattress, and 10% of the weight of your mattress is made up of dead skin and dust mites.

Removing this debris is not easy. That’s why it is vital to protect your hotel bedding and pillows with high-quality, allergen-proof linen to prevent allergen accumulation.

2. Ditch That Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Carpets are a favourite spot for allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. According to studies, there are more allergens in rooms with carpets than those without them.

Dust mites hide deep in carpets. Every day, they produce waste that is 200 times their body weight, which creates a lot of allergens. Even if you clean and sweep your carpet every time a guest leaves a hotel room, 95% of dust mites remain after vacuuming.

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) states that carpets trap allergens and stop them from circulating in the air. While this is true, whenever guests sit or walk on that carpet, they send those allergens into the air. The allergens circulate in the air for several hours, which is more dangerous for people with allergies.

Ditching the carpets in your hotel rooms can significantly reduce the levels of dust mites. Opt for hard flooring like wood, vinyl, and tiles. They are much easier to clean and less favourable toward allergens.

3. Have Some Pet-Free Guest Rooms

Your guests would love to be accommodated together with their pets in your hotel. Have rooms that allow pet accommodation, especially service dogs and others that are pet-free.

However, cat and dog dander are a trigger for allergic reactions. Dead skin cells, saliva, urine, and other secretions from pets have proteins that are potential allergens.

Also, pet fur traps dust, pollen, and fleas which can become lodged in the carpet when pet hair sheds and lands on the carpet. Pet allergens are problematic, as they stick and cling to surfaces and can remain in a guest room for six months after the pet is gone.

It is crucial as a hotel owner to make some of your guests' rooms strictly pet-free so that no pet dander is present.

4. Use HEPA Filters

According to an EPA study, indoor air quality is two to three times more polluted than outdoor air.

You can improve the air quality in your guest rooms by using an air conditioner sporting HEPA technology. This air purifier removes allergens that are as small as 0.003 microns, which is better than the average air purifiers.

HEPA filters remove up to 99.7% of small particles from the air. This reduces airborne particles that cause allergies in guest rooms.

With air filters and air conditioning units, you don't have to open windows and exterior doors which allow pollen and dust to drift inside.  Air conditioners also reduce humidity and inhibit the growth of mould and mildew.

5. No More Scented Cleaning Products

Many people with allergies are sensitive to scented products. Fragranced items like air fresheners, soap, hand sanitisers, and cleaning supplies cause allergic reactions like respiratory difficulties and headaches.

Asthma attacks and fragrance allergies that can cause itching, skin burning, and redness are frequent in hotels that use scented cleaning products. Keep allergies at bay in your hotel rooms by using fragrance-free cleaning products for your guests.

6. Forget About Flowers and Plants in Hotel Rooms

Beautiful flowers and plants make a guest room more elegant. However, any flowering plant inside a room has the potential to cause airborne allergens. Plants produce pollen, and when people with allergies inhale air with pollen, their symptoms may worsen.

Some people also get allergic reactions when they have direct contact with the plant. Leaving the soil too wet in the plant vase encourages the growth of mould, an additional allergen.

Do away with those plants and flowers in your guest's rooms to prevent allergies.

7. Dehumidify Hotel Rooms

The growth of mould and mildew in hotel rooms is a significant challenge that can give your guests bad allergies and earn you negative reviews. For mould to grow, there must be warm air, water, and food. All of these are present in your hotel rooms.

Many hotel owners link guests' comfort with achieving the required internal temperature and neglect humidity. If you cannot measure the moisture content in a room, you can't control the growth of mould.

According to the National Institute of Health, you need to maintain relative humidity below 50% to have effective control of dust mites and mould. All surfaces that collect standing water like bathrooms should be dried thoroughly.

Install hygrometers and humidistats to measure the humidity level in a room. Also have dehumidifying systems in place to remove moisture from the air.

8. Ditch the Heavy Curtains

Curtains complete the look of a guest room. Many hotel owners love using heavy curtains on guest rooms for their darkening ability. However, curtains are dust catchers and attract and trap a lot of allergens like dust mites.

Mould and mildew are attracted to moist surfaces like shower curtains. When guests inhale spores produced by mould, they may have allergic reactions.

Ditch the heavy curtains in your hotel rooms and opt for things like shutters and blinds that can be wiped clean to remove all dust necessary to keep allergens alive.

9. Cleanse and Sanitise Soft Surfaces

Allergens thrive on soft surfaces like sofa pillows, cushions, rugs, shelves, drapes, and furnishing. Such smooth surfaces should be cleaned and sprayed weekly to reduce airborne allergens.

Keeping your guest room clean can help control many indoor allergies. All materials and coatings that you cannot put in a washing machine should be steam cleaned. This will eliminate all contaminants that can trigger allergies.

10. Apply a Bacteriostatic Barrier

Hoteliers can apply a bacteriostatic barrier to all surfaces in the guest rooms to inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs. Colonisation of bacteria can exacerbate allergies. Shielding surfaces minimises the growth of bacteria and prevents microorganisms that trigger allergies.

Final Thoughts

Every hotelier's dream is to deliver the best guest experience and offer a restful night's sleep for all their guests. With allergens in your hotel, this dream may be a nightmare.

At ALS, we help hotel owners improve their guest experience with high-quality accommodation linen. To learn more about our products, contact us today.

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Italian Wedding Receptions: Six Different Ways to Seat Guests

formal table dinner

No guest wants to arrive at a wedding ceremony and wonder, “Which side am I supposed to sit on?”

Worse still is arriving late and not being able to find a seat. This is the definition of stress.

A good seating arrangement helps guests relax and allows them to celebrate the occasion.

Although assigning seats to guests is not mandatory, it is important because it can:

  • Minimise anxiety. It reduces the anxiety your guests feel when they are trying to find a seat.
  • Limit conflicts. It limits the opportunity for conflicts based on existing family feuds. For guests with conflicts, allocate them seats that are far apart.
  • Make catering easy. It makes it easier to cater to guests because you can let the serving staff know which guests have special dietary needs ahead of time.
  • Streamline organisation. It takes the guesswork out of deciding where to sit and gives you control of your guests’ experience.

Assigning seats is especially important at an Italian wedding. The reception is the highlight of the wedding and you want guests to relax and enjoy the event.

Do not assign seats the traditional way of using pen and paper. Take advantage of technology and use online tools like hitched or AllSeated. These create a smooth and orderly seating plan experience.

Whereas it is impossible to please every guest, trying your best to cater to varied interests when assigning seats will be appreciated. Situations to work around include:

  1. Existing family feuds. Beware of any family feuds. The last thing you need is parties warring in an occasion that is meant to be a celebration of love.

    Run the seating chart by the bride and groom so that they can help identify guests with existing dramas. Seat them as far apart from each other as possible.

  2. Consider setting a table for children only. This way they can interact with other children. It also allows their parents the ability to relax and enjoy the occasion.
  3. Be mindful of couples and singles. Do not place singles alone. Nobody wants to feel labelled and alienated. Make it easy for them to interact with other guests by mixing up singles and couples in one table. Also, do not split up couples.
  4. Factor in special groups. Seat people with disabilities and the elderly close to the door. It will ease their movement in and out of the reception.

Once you have assigned seats, display a seating chart so that guests know where they should sit. Place this at the entrance of the reception where it will be visible to everyone.

Different Styles to Seat Guests

The number of guests and the size of the venue determine the choice of style of seating your guests.

Here are some styles that will help you master the seating arrangement like a pro!

1. Imperial Table

This style is also known as a V-shaped setting because tables join together to form the letter V. This setting oozes elegance.

The bride and groom sit at the curve of the V, they are the focal point of the occasion.

The setting is intimate and great for both formal and informal occasions. Guests sit while facing each other.

The V-shaped setting is versatile and gives room for more decor options. For instance, to create a memorable setting for your guests, use both flowers and candles as your centrepieces.

Place tablecloths that match the theme of the wedding. White tablecloths are always a good choice. They are neutral and allow your centrepieces to stand out.

Get these from a trusted linen supplier such as Australian Linen supply. They stock superior quality linen at an affordable price.

2. Oval-Shaped Tables

oval shaped garden weddingImage from: Weddbook

This setting is also known as the Ambassador style.

Guests sit at oval-shaped tables that accommodate 8 to 10 people per table. Usually the number of guests at the table is an even number.

The style is ideal for small venues and encourages interaction among guests. The use of oval tables creates visual interest in the venue.

This setting helps to cater to the Italian tradition of having a gift table set aside. Be sure to include this when planning the seating arrangements.

The new mothers-in-law sit next to the gift table so they can thank guests as they receive gifts.

Seat the VIP guests: the bride, groom, and bridal team, on a table in the middle of the room facing the guests. This way, they will be at the heart of the action.

3. Mix-and-Match Style

Image from: Emmalovesweddings

If you want to get away from the conventional way of setting tables, then the Mix-and-Match style is the way to go.

As the name suggests, the style involves using tables of different shapes. In your setting, mix rectangular shaped tables with round and oval ones.

Every wedding is different, since tables are versatile, try creating a unique pattern when setting up. Place tablecloths on some tables and leave them off others. This adds character to the seating arrangement.

4. U-Shaped Tables

wedding U-shaped table setupImage from: weddingwire

This seating arrangement is ideal for weddings with fewer guests. It has a communal feel to it and the seating arrangement ensures everyone gets to see each other.

As the name suggests, arrange the tables to form the letter U.

Seat the couple, their bridal party, and close family members close to each other.

The seating sequence should be as follows:

  1. The bride and groom sit at the centre of the base of the U. The bride sits on the right-hand side of the groom.
  2. The maid of honour sits on the left of the groom.
  3. On the right-hand side of the bride, sits the best man.
  4. The bridal party then follows suit sitting on alternating sides, facing each other.
  5. Next to the bridal party, the bride’s mother and the groom’s father sit next to each other.
  6. On the alternating side, the bride’s father and the groom’s mother sit next to each other.
  7. The rest of the guest’s seat along both sides of the arm of the U.

5. Serpentine Tables

forest wedding table setupImage from: BrainyQuote

This is a bold style of setting tables, suitable for an outdoor venue with lots of space.

Place long tables together to form a long curve that leads through a winery.

A reception set in a winery is perfect for an Italian wedding as Italy has a rich history of cultivating vineyards to create beautiful wines.

6. Round Tables

vintage wedding reception with a round table setupImage from:

This setting involves the use of round tables. Arrange tables in such a way that there is ease of movement in and out of the reception.

Each table accommodates 8 guests. You can make the setting more intimate by allocating 6 guests per table.

Add more dimension to your setting by placing round tables of different diameters. For instance, have some tables of 60-inch and others of 72-inch.

This setting is versatile and works in both large or small venues. You can arrange the tables close to each other or stagger them.

Italian tradition dictates that the bride and groom walk to each table and greet guests. This happens before they leave for their honeymoon. This setting gives the couple room to access guests at different tables with ease.

Diversify your round tables with beautiful centrepieces and tablecloths.

Wondering where to get table linen that fits your round tables? Do not sweat the small stuff. Australian Linen Supply is your go-to brand. They supply tablecloths of diverse shapes and colours.

Here are some samples:

224CM White Round Tablecloth

224CM White Round Tablecloth

300CM Black Round Tablecloth

300CM Black Round Tablecloth

ALS delivers all over Australia. Get in touch with them today!

Even the best-planned seating arrangements cannot eliminate the chance of something unexpected happening. As long as you have done your best, do not worry about the slight mishaps.

Go ahead and let your guests enjoy the wedding!

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Table Setting Ideas for Special Occasions

vintage table wedding settings

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well. “- Virginia Woolf 

Every restaurant owner wants their customers to have a wonderful dining experience at their restaurant.

But how do you achieve this?

The secret is to pay attention to how you set tables.

The table forms a great part of one’s dining experience, yet it’s one of the most overlooked components.

A table that isn’t well set sends the message that you don’t care about your customer’s comfort.

To enhance your guests’ experience, tailor each table setting to match different occasions. For instance, if you’re hosting a party, set up the restaurant space to feel fun!

Here are three special occasions and table setting ideas that suit them.

1. Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinners are not your average meals. Guests deserve a great table setting to enjoy a meal and toast to a glass of wine

Set your tables with beautiful white tablecloths. They are classy and blend well with the Christmas theme. Factor in the size and shape of your tables and the tablecloths available.

Your centrepieces should be outstanding. Be creative and use flowers that are in season or opt for a vase with coloured marbles in red, green and gold.

Bring some holiday cheer to the table by folding your napkins in creative shapes. Watch this video to get some ideas

Christmas is a season of giving. Go all out and serve a magnificent meal in a well-set table. This is a gift to your guests.

Place the charger at the centre of the place setting. Your dinner plate goes on top of the charger.

Next, place cutlery on the table in the order of use, from the outside in. The forks go to the left of the plate, beginning with the dinner fork and followed by the salad fork.

On the right side of the dinner plate, place the knives. Start with the dinner knife then the salad knife.

It isn’t a Christmas dinner without a toast. Place some wine glasses on the table for your guests.

The wine glasses go to the right of the place setting above the table knife. Use crystal glasses with stems to add a sparkle to your table.

Finally, add some fun by bringing crackers to the party. It will make your guests re-discover the child in them.

2. Birthday Party

a) Children’s Birthday Party

Begin by creating a guest list. Confirm the number of guests that will be coming to the party. It will help you narrow down an outdoor venue.

Select a theme for the birthday that is of interest to the birthday boy or girl. A cartoon character or a popular animation is a suitable choice.

Have balloons, cutlery and napkins in colours and designs that match the theme.

Fine china and silverware are not necessary because this is a casual setting. Serve finger foods on colourful paper plates.

Use drinking straws, ice umbrellas or decorative pickers for your drinks. For healthy desserts, serve fruits such as grapes, mangoes and oranges.

Have a backdrop next to the dessert table with plenty of photos of the birthday boy or girl. Guests will love to see the various milestones of the child through photos.

Make sure everything about the party looks colourful. Children are quite visual and love plates with different coloured food.

The party won’t be complete without entertainment. Plan some fun activities for kids such as bouncy castles or getting creative with crafts.

b) Adult Birthday Party

Marking a milestone such as turning the big 3-0 calls for a celebration, but so does any other birthday! Plan a party that will be memorable to the guests.

If the party has a theme, provide appropriate decor. Start with the basics, such as tasteful decorations, confetti balloons and flowers.

Find out the number of expected guests. It will help you plan proper seating arrangements for them.

This being a formal setting, you will need the following:

  1. Place cards. Make the party special by using place cards on the table to show guests where to sit.
  2. Napkins. Add a touch of elegance by folding napkins in creative ways. Pick napkins that are durable and versatile to allow you to have neat folds.
  3. The perfect tablecloths. Set your tables with top-quality tablecloths in a favourable fabric such as polyester. It is wrinkle-resistant and can withstand many washes.
  4. Chair covers. To complement the tablecloths, have fitted chair covers to give the party an elegant look.

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  5. Silverware. Bring out your best silverware. Place the charger in the middle of your place setting and arrange everything else around it.
  6. Decorative centrepieces. Go for unique pieces that are natural. Use centrepieces that are short enough to allow guests to see each other across the table.

When setting the dinner table, pay attention to the symmetry of your cutlery.

Serve a variety of drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Let guests choose according to their preferences.

3. Wedding Reception

The table setting will depend on the theme of the wedding. This determines the level of formality the wedding reception will have.

Lots of weddings take a formal setting with three-course meals. Some prefer a buffet or informal setting.

Rustic themes are popular for Australian weddings. You can also have classic and traditional, romantic, or garden and outdoor themes.

Bohemian or boho-chic themes are also becoming more popular now.

Let’s have a look at some of the themes and the appropriate table set up.


wooden table rustic style table setupImage from: SIMPLIFY

This theme is earthy, simple and has a countryside appeal. It takes a casual setting.

For the dinner table decor, incorporate natural elements such as wildflowers and fruits.

Set these in large, communal tables in a rectangular shape.

Add some candles on the table and twinkle lights on a tree overlooking the dinner table. This will brighten the occasion and give it a touch of sophistication

Place flowers in vases as centrepieces on the table to achieve that countryside look. You can have paper flowers of different sizes in the vases.

Serve food in a classic buffet style. Assign servers to manage the flow of traffic and prevent a build-up of queues.

Make the food appealing by arranging it in varying heights on the buffet table. Begin with the appetisers, soups, salad and entrée. Place drinks and dessert on a separate table.


Colourful table decor with bohemian themeImage from: Wedded Wonderland

This wedding style is bold, chic and incorporates lots of colours. When placing your centrepieces, mix lots of colourful vases with a variety of flowers.

Use coloured marbles as place cards to show guests their seats.

Lay Turkish or Moroccan rugs as a placemat on the table. They bring texture and warmth to your occasion with their diverse colours.

This is an informal setting. You will need the following:

  • Dinner plate. This is the first item to be set on the table.
  • Knife. Place it to the right of the dinner plate.
  • Forks. Place these on the left side of the plate, starting with the dinner fork and followed by the salad fork.
  • Spoons. These go to the right of the knife.
  • Glasses. Place them at the top right of the dinner plate above the knife.


traditional wedding floral arrangementImage from: suju

This is also known as a formal wedding and takes the form of an elegant black-tie wedding.

When setting the table, go for fine china and silverware.

Place crisply folded napkins on the plate to achieve a polished look. A simple rectangular fold of the napkin is classic.

Set the table with a tablecloth made of satin fabric, as it spells elegance. Go for one with a minimal colour palette of black and white. Here are some examples.

White Square Tablecloth

White Square Tablecloth

Black Table Overlay

Black Table Overlay

Let’s Wrap Up

Table setting for these special occasions is now as easy as ABC. Go ahead and impress your guests.

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Image from: freepic.diller