Eastfleet caravan park

4 Easy Steps to Improve the Cleanliness of Your Caravan Park Washroom

Hygiene in washrooms is essential, especially in shared spaces such as caravan parks. If neglected, washrooms provide favourable conditions for germs to thrive.

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The luxurious look of the set round table

3 Hotel Table Settings Using Round Tablecloths

A well-set table reflects the standard of quality at a hotel. It sets the tone for a pleasant dining experience for your guests. This is the reason details matter in the hotel industry. From the decor to the table setting, to the shape of your tablecloths, every detail is noticed.

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Lady pulling tissue in the tissue holder

How to Choose the Best Commercial Toilet Paper

Did you know that we go through about 7 to 9 sheets of toilet paper per use? Did you also know that it takes about 384 trees to produce the toilet paper the average human will use in a lifetime?

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Trevaylor Camping and Caravan Park

Deep Cleaning the Shared Sections of Your Caravan Park in the Wake Of COVID-19

With cases of coronavirus rising across the globe, most public structures need to focus on adequate cleaning practices. This will be true even after the pandemic subsides.

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Moving out any hazardous property

Sanitizing Public Places Properly in the Wake of COVID-19

Although the coronavirus is usually known to spread through respiratory droplets,  there is proof that transmission may occur through contact with infected surfaces. Read on to learn how to sanitize recreational facilities and commercial structures.

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protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants

Cleaning Your Airbnb After a COVID-19-Positive Guest Has Left

As an active Airbnb host, it's essential to review your cleaning routine to protect yourself and your guests from the coronavirus. And to do this, you need to understand a few critical facts about COVID-19:

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