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Alcohol, Bleach, and Hydrogen Peroxide: Important Facts About These 3 Most Common Disinfectants

Best practice dictates that you disinfect these surfaces daily. But before you can disinfect a surface, you must first clean it. Cleaning removes dirt, germs, and other contaminants. Use soap and water to effectively clean all objects or surfaces.

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How to Pick the Best Toilet Paper Dispenser for Your Business

Washrooms are more than a legal obligation for a commercial premise. They create an impression of your business and imply you care about your guests and your employees. It takes one washroom visit for a guest to write off your business and all its services. Yes, you read that right.

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4 Types of Tablecloths Your Hotel Truly Needs

First impressions frame a guest’s outlook on your hotel. This can make or break your business. From the moment your guests walk into a room, they are making judgements. A great impression attracts new guests and builds loyalty among existing ones. Every business owner desires that.

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5 Simple Steps to an Impeccable Office Bathroom

Office bathrooms, compared to home bathrooms, experience high traffic. It’s for this reason that they need to be in tiptop shape at all times. This is because not only staff but guests use them. So what can you do to achieve impeccable office bathrooms?

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Crappy Office Washroom? Here’s How to Immediately Improve Hygiene

Many employees spend most of their daytime hours in the office. Offices have become like a second home to workers. Conditions in the work environment can have a positive or negative impact on workers. When workers are healthy, they are happier and more productive.

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Is Your Office Washroom Hurting Your Reputation? 4 Tips to Improve Hygiene

We have all read articles giving tips on how to improve washroom hygiene and the same old tips apply. Regular cleaning, disinfecting and using the correct products. But what if you are doing all the right things but your washroom still does not pass the test? What could you be doing wrong? 

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