A table setting is more than just the set of utensils placed on the table, the glasses and the colour of the tablecloth and napkins.

Table set up plays a vital role in improving the appearance of your restaurant, café, hotel, and event venue.

Although there are several ways of arranging seating and setting the table there are a few variations depending on the occasion, culture rules, and traditions.

We've created a series of table setting and seating arrangement designs for your restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel and event venue. Choose a category below to grab your printable cheatsheet for FREE!

Wedding Seating Arrangement

wedding seating arrangement


Wedding customs and traditions differ between countries, social classes, cultures, religions, and ethnic groups. As an event organiser, it is necessary that you know the different kinds of wedding seating arrangement and their purpose.

Find out more here and make your next wedding event an unforgettable one. Choose your category and don't forget to print a copy.


Japanese Formal Dining Table Setting


Japanese cuisine has been considered to be one of the famous Asian cuisines in the world. Despite the change of cuisine being served in Japanese restaurants their traditional table setup, however, remains.

We've designed a series of Japanese traditional dining table setup printable cheatsheet for restaurant and event venues. Choose your designs here for FREE!


American Formal Dining Table Setting

Americal fine dining table set up


The American dining table set up is common in most restaurants. This service can be personalised depending on the event or the time of the day.

To help you better we've created different designs of the American Formal Dining Table Setting you can use for your restaurant, café, and hotel. View the list of our printable cheatsheets here. 


European Formal Dining Table Setting

European formal dining table setting


European restaurants are famous for their classy and warm ambiance. Majority of them use elegant chandeliers, luxurious decorations, and an impressive dining table setting.

Discover how you can effectively make your table setting look glamorous and impressive to your customers using our free cheatsheet, check them all here.


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