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Why Your Motel Needs Mattress and Pillow Protectors

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Mattress protectors and pillow protectors are a necessity in a motel or hotel. You need to protect your bedding with protectors that will keep them safe from spills, bugs and dirt. They also give customers a good night's sleep on a clean mattress and pillow.

There is a difference between a case and a protector. A pillow or mattress case is both functional and for decoration, and it’s what guests touch directly. Protectors are usually placed underneath the pillowcases and mattress covers.

When starting a motel business, take your time to find a supplier who will offer you quality bed linen accessories such as protectors. This will help you keep your running costs in check as well as provide quality items for your customers.

Why Do You Need Mattress and Pillow Protectors?

  1. Keeps your mattresses and pillows clean

    Motel beds are used by many people at any given time. This means it can be costly to clean and replace pillows, mattresses and bedding. Using mattress and pillow protectors are a great way of not only protecting your beds and bedding but also keeping them clean longer.

  2. Protects them from allergens

    Allergens include dust, mites, pollen, and mould, among others. Since a motel receives guests many different environments, it is more cost-effective to use mattress and pillow protectors that can be cleaned regularly. These will not only keep your beds clean but also protect customers who have allergies.

  3. Keeps perspiration from being absorbed into the mattresses and pillows

    The climate in your region is a determining factor when purchasing bedding. Keep in mind that customers will perspire while sleeping on your beds. The mattress and pillow protectors you buy should be made of absorbable material. These will be able to trap perspiration and stay stain-free.

  4. Extends the durability of your mattresses and pillows

    One of the major factors when opening a hotel or motel is running costs. Aside from meals and basic utilities, another cost that can pose a challenge to your business is beds and accessories. Using protectors on your mattresses and pillows will extend their lifespan by months or even years.

  5. Gives guests peace of mind

    uests can sometimes be picky and you must keep this in mind when working in the hospitality industry. One of the many factors customers will be particular about is the beds and how clean or safe they are. Having protectors will assure guests. It also shows that your motel prioritises cleanliness, which will, in turn, ensure customer satisfaction.

  6. Easy to clean and saves on cleaning costs

    There are different types of protectors, which are usually made of various fabrics like cotton or linen. There are also various designs which are waterproof. Be sure to select protectors made of a material that will be easy to clean. When purchasing protectors, look at the label’s fine print. Find out if they are hypoallergenic and also if they are absorbent and durable. When buying protectors, find out if they come with a guarantee or warranty.

How to Choose the Best Mattress and Pillow Protectors for Motels

  • Costly Option - Go for disposable protectors: Disposable protectors are usually waterproof and easy to use. They give guests peace of mind, as they will use fresh protectors while staying at your motel. While this may be costly, it's also one of the best ways to ensure your mattresses and pillows are always clean and protected.
  • Guest-Friendly Option - Choose hypoallergenic protectors: Guests can be allergic to dust, mites or mould, among other allergens. To be on the safe side, insist that you get a guarantee from the manufacturer that the protectors you buy are hypoallergenic.
  • Cost-Saving Option - Choose protectors made of durable material: Disposable protectors are a great way to keep your beds clean. However, you must keep running costs in mind. You can buy durable protectors made of materials like linen, cotton or waterproof material.
  • Comprehensive Option - Choose protectors that completely cover the mattress and pillow: You can choose casing or zipped protectors to ensure almost total protection. When purchasing mattress and pillow protectors, make sure you get options that fit your beds. The main purpose of protectors is to keep your beds free of dust, dirt, perspiration, stains and mould. This means that if you use ill-fitting protectors, your guests could be in for an uncomfortable stay.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Mattress and Pillow Protectors

  • Learn the difference between pillow covers and protectors. Keep in mind that pillowcases and bedding are usually for covering the pillows and mattresses only. They are also decorative in nature, which means they are still prone to dirt, oil, dust and stains.
  • Ask for the various fabrics or materials available. You can get protectors made of cotton, linen, polyester, bamboo or even polyester. It all depends on your budget and which one is easiest for you to clean and store. There are also those made of a waterproof material, which is perfect for children’s cots and to protect regular beds from wet stains.
  • Find out the type of protectors available. You can get those fitted with elastic, which are easy to place on the mattresses. There are also a fitted protectors which work just like sheets or pillowcases. There is also the full casing type which have zippers or fasteners to keep the protectors in place. Choose an option that will work for your motel and your budget.
  • Insist on a warranty or guarantee for your protectors. Many manufacturers offer warranties between two and five years. With proper care of your purchased protectors, you will be able to use them to their full potential. Having a warranty helps you to get replacements or guidance from the manufacturer if they fall short of their promise.
  • Purchase a few special pillow protectors and mattress protectors. There are special types of protectors in the market which you can also stock at your motel to cater to customers with more specific needs. For example, there are bedbug-proof protectors, cooling covers and eco-friendly protectors. This will be dependent on your budget, but it can give that extra touch for guests with particular needs.

Washing and cleaning bed linen is a time-consuming and costly overhead. The best way to mitigate against this is to choose bed linen that is durable and high-quality and protect it with products that are designed with that linen in mind.

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