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When Luxury Matters

Pearl Indulgence 100% “Combed Cotton” 600gsm Bath Collection

We have improved on our Luxury Indulgence Bath Towel Collection, this towel collection is based on a weight of 600gsm. With a 2 ply base and a longer pile, giving this towel a more luxurious feel, still durable for commercial laundering
Colour of white, No header Collection.

Sizes available in:
Face Washer 33x36cm
Hand Towel 40x80cm
Bath Mat 56x81cm (750gsm, 1 ply base, Carded Cotton)
Bath Towel 75x155cm
Bath Sheet 90x180cm

Also available in vat dye mushroom sizes of:
Hand Towel 40x80cm
Bath Towel 75x155cm
Bath Sheet 90x180cm

Our Vat Dye Mushroom Coloured Bath Sheet is ideal for your Spa & beauty treatments

Coming soon Charcoal Grey bath & hand towels.

Pearl Collection 500gms

Luxury and economy do not usually go hand in hand, however when you choose Bev Martin Textiles towel collection, you will find that they can and do.

Pearl towel collection products feature a high quality, 100% Cotton carded, ring spun, no slip pile that can be soft to the touch and that can also have a high absorbency factor.

Also available in Vat Dye colours of Navy, Mushroom, Chocolate, Charcoal Grey & Royal Blue.

Sizes available are:

  Colours Size
Bath Towel White & Vat Dye colours 70x140cm
Bath Towel Royal Blue 68x137cm
Bath Towel White & Vat Dye colours 75x155cm
Executive Towel White Only with a herringbone header 71x155cm
Executive Towel White only - Combed Cotton No Header 75x155cm
Small Bath Towel White Only 60x120cm
Hand Towel White & Vat dye colours 41x66cm
Face Washer White & Vat dye colours 33x33cm
Bath Mat White & Vat dye colours 51x71cm

Note: Royal Blue is only available in 68x137cm

Kanga Striped Pool Towel

100% Carded cotton striped terry toweling pool towel, Ring spun, Vat Dye, Chlorine resistant, designed for use around your pool area.

Colours of – Turquoise & White Stripe, Blue & White stripe and Beige & White stripe.
Size approx 70x150cm
Approx. weight of 472gms per piece

New to our stripe Pool towel range  -  if you would like a different type of pool towel, this could be the one for you!

Pinstripe weft blue & white horizontal stripe pool towel
Size 76x177cm
Weighs 566gms Per Piece

Small Cotton Face Towel

100% Cotton terry toweling, over locked edges, white only.
Size of 28x28cm

Salon Towel

100% carded cotton, Vat Dye Black, hand towel, weighs 200grams per piece, for hairdressers,
Size 45x75cm, 120 pieces per carton

Please note all sizes and weights listed above are approximate only

Please contact your local friendly Sales Representative for pricing and stock availability

Helpful Hint: points are given in accommodation when - towels are a must in rooms, provide one for each permanent sleeping position. Additional points will be awarded for the provision of additional towels for each guest. All toweling items must be in good condition and free of stains or marks and not threadbare or frayed. Additional points are awarded when a bath sheet towel is offered in rooms, approximate size of 90x180cm.


Indulgence Towel

White and Blue Pearl Towel

Pearl White Towel

Striped Pool Towel

Chinese Face Towel