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Carbon Planet Environmental Plan

Australian Linen Supply being a supplier of reusable textiles is excited to be able to take our company to the next level concerning our responsibility to society and the environment.
It is for that reason that we have taken steps to conduct a comprehensive audit of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the 2007 calendar year.
This enabled us to measure the impact our business has had on the environment during this period.

Carbon Planet was engaged as our partner to conduct an independent GHG emission report because it is recognized for its transparency, scientific approach and compliance with stringent international standards and protocols including:

  • The World Business Council for Sustainable Development's GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards.
  • ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gases.
  • World Resources Institute Standards.
  • Australian Energy Audits Standard AS/NZ 3598:2000.

Carbon Planet became the first carbon management consultancy to have its operations and services certified Greenhouse Friendly™ by the Australia Government's Department of Climate Change.
The 2007 audit covered all aspects of Australian Linen Supply’s business:

  • Freight
  • Utilities (electricity, internet, mobile & fixed telecommunications, waste, heating, air-conditioning, IT equipment, office equipment, lighting, kitchen amenities)
  • Employee Services (staff hours per year)
  • Third Party Services (printing, postage, couriers, hotel accommodation, flights)
  • Ground Transportation (petrol, diesel, taxis)
  • Air Transportation
  • Equipment (advertising, marketing, IT, paper office supplies)

Our next steps are to implement measures to further reduce our carbon footprint and to monitor progress utilising this initial, base audit. In 2010 our annual scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions will be offset with carbon credits, effectively outsourcing emissions that cannot be operationally reduced due either to business processes or cost within any given financial year.

Internal initiatives
We already have a robust recycling program. Based on the recent audit findings a reduction program is being developed and implemented to ensure emissions are kept to a minimum, whilst still being commercially viable. This reduction plan includes reviews and improvements of recycling, lighting, equipment, internal policies and procedures, online activities, and procurement. Sustainable business practices will be incorporated into the operational procedures of the business moving forward. Annual audits will be conducted using our 2007 baseline to monitor improvements.