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Bath Robes

When you are looking for the final touch of elegance in your bathroom, why not offer your clients a luxury bath robe which can provide the ultimate in warmth, comfort and style.

We have three styles for you to choose from:

Kimono Bath Robe

100% cotton terry toweling

White only

Long sleeve with a wrap over front

Tie belt and two front pockets

One size fits most

Waffle Weave Bath Robe

Our new design robe – Diamond pattern with satin piped edging. 65% cotton / 35% polyester, one size fits most. White only, approx. weight of 780 grams per piece.


Also Available is our 100% Cotton Terry Toweling Slippers, White Only, One Size Fits Most.

No washable product.

Contact your local friendly Sales representative for pricing and availability

100% Cotton Kimono Terry Towelling

65% Polyester with 35% Cotton Waffle Weave Bath Robe

Microfibre Bath Robe