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We supply Australia-wide!

We can supply to your business a stylish, durable range of aprons. All our aprons are made from our 100% Jet Spun Polyester fabric.

We import or can locally make on request a range of aprons including:

  • Imported Waist or Bib, pinstripe butchers apron, no pocket (P151/P154-NWP)
  • Imported Bib apron, in black or white, no pocket (P154)
  • Made to order locally long waiters waist aprons in a range of colours, with or without pockets (P100)
  • Made to order locally short waiters apron in a range of colours,  with pocket (P300)
  • Made to order locally Waist cooks apron in a range of colours, with or without a pocket

We can also make locally, custom design aprons suitable for promotional usage.

Please contact your local friendly Sales Representative for pricing and availability

Long Black Waiters Apron

Butchers Waist Apron

Black Cooks Waist Apron